A Grey's Anatomy Character Pregnant in Season Five?

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It's not clear whether this is a full-blown Grey's Anatomy spoiler or only rumor material, but sources, including Michael Ausiello of TV Guide, have hinted that someone who shared big smooch in the finale may be pregnant.

Which Grey's Anatomy character it be, if this were the case? It would have to be Meredith Grey or Callie Torres, we'd think, for obvious reasons.

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Considering all the time spent in the on-call room with Mark, Callie would seem to be the most obvious choice - and throwing a surprise pregnancy into the mix with her fledging lesbian romance would certainly create big drama!

On the flip side, might it be possible that Meredith Grey is somehow pregnant with Derek Shepherd's baby? How long have they gone without ... you know? It's unclear, but with production Season Five (!) underway soon, it's fun to discuss.

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Oh! I think Callie! It'd be great fun!!! I wanna see Sloane's face!! Ja ja Now he says he's grown up! Mer & Derek need a time together again! And that Rose!! Take her off, please!!!!


I think its callie but i like merder alot but its too early yet, THANK GOD ITS NOT THAT SLUTTEY PLANT ROSE!derek would break up with merideth And say its my baby,Rose is mcBitchy!MERDER FOR EVER!


Don´t you think Izzie could be the one who is pregnant ? Maybe the writers wanted to give her a good story line ? Salut.


I really hope that Callie isn't pregnant. I am so excited to see where her and Erica's relationship is going and this will definitely ruin it considering Erica isn't so fond of Sloan.. And I don't think that Merideth will be pregnant, it's too soon..the house is only candles..not real yet! Where would the kids go? I think the girl that was the successful clinical trial is going to be pregnant....hmm..


ok it said somebody who had a big kiss in the finale well then it could only be Adele, Callie, or Meridith they were the only ones with big kisses, with George and Lexi it was like he was saying thank you more than kissing him, and with Izzy and Alex she only kissed him cause alex wanted her to, but i hope none of them are pregnant cause Adele is to old and she's already had one miscarage could she really have a baby and if not could she survive another miscarage? and with Callie it would mess up the whole story line and they done decided that Sloan wouldn't make a good father, and with Meridith it's to soon they just got back together, but if i had to choose one i would say Meridith only make it at the end of season 5, oh and for everybody who is saying rose your not making any since...she never kissed anybody in the finale...not only that but i'm so tired of seeing rose


duh! ofcourse its not rose!!! that do-eyed-little thing :D
hehehe my addie...


If anyone is pregnant its Callie. Doubtful its Meredith. And its NOT Rose! That Plant is HISTORY.


omg! i hope no one will get pregnant-YET!!! cuz it wold ruin everithing...
callie-it would by nice and awkward bcz hahn...i wold like that bcz hahn is soooo freakin boring!!! but maybe just pregnant-it doesnt mean that she will give a birth...and 2 big stories for her-good point.
mer-that would be great but seriously!!!plz noooo...not yet!
izzie-wtf?!? go away already if u want so...and make us all happy cuz we wont have to watch all your crap!
lexie-huh...doubt that, she needs to solve A LOT before even getting in a some kind of a relationship...


Rose can't be pregnant, she's already gone. (MUAHAHAHAHA Wooooo~~ i hate her!) i reckon Callie would be pregnant cuz there's this love triangle goin' on between Callie/Mark/Hahn and she will have to make a decision. but i hope Mer will get pregnant with Derek's baby~ the baby will be the cutest Mcbaby in the world!! ^^


That was meant to say in season 5 she has had a shit role .....

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