A Grey's Anatomy Character Pregnant in Season Five?

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It's not clear whether this is a full-blown Grey's Anatomy spoiler or only rumor material, but sources, including Michael Ausiello of TV Guide, have hinted that someone who shared big smooch in the finale may be pregnant.

Which Grey's Anatomy character it be, if this were the case? It would have to be Meredith Grey or Callie Torres, we'd think, for obvious reasons.

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Considering all the time spent in the on-call room with Mark, Callie would seem to be the most obvious choice - and throwing a surprise pregnancy into the mix with her fledging lesbian romance would certainly create big drama!

On the flip side, might it be possible that Meredith Grey is somehow pregnant with Derek Shepherd's baby? How long have they gone without ... you know? It's unclear, but with production Season Five (!) underway soon, it's fun to discuss.

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well, i think neither it would probably be the nurse dr.shepard was with cause what else could possible screw up their relationship any more.


Ok here's one for the mix. Did Addison have sex with Mark when she came back for the baby thing. If so, could they be bringing her back for a bit. She's been baby hungry on Private Practice. I wonder . . . .


Just to clear up the time frame, ya'all: Alex and Lexie slept together before the strike. George and Callie weren't together at all in season 4. When the show came back from the strike, 6 weeks had passed in Greyland, so: Lexie is not going to have Alex's baby, Callie cannot be having George's baby. Clear?


I hope that it is callie who is pregnant, It would not be such a great idea if Meredith is pregnant and it would ruin the episode if Rose is pregnant, i just hope that in this upcoming season Grey and Derek work things out and they become happy.


Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Callie and I will not be too happy if it is. I'm not just saying that because I want she and Erica to work out, but also because then we have to go through the drama of finding out who the baby's father would be. Depending on the time frame, the baby could still be George's, not just Marks'. It would make some good drama but also it would give the writers an easy out clause for continuing the Callie/Erica story, which would suck. The one good thing I've heard is that Brooke and Sandra have really been pushing for their characters to hook up. Either way they handle this, I'll be alright if they at least have a lesbian couple on the show. I'm not ready for Callie and Erica to do the whole child thing. And personally, I don't want Mark and Callie to stay together. I like Eric Dane and I think he's adorable but his character just grosses me out and gets on my nerves.


OMG this is so obvious though I think its Callie, all those times she spend in the on call room with Mark, especially in the finally that last steamy sex scene that they had hmmmmmmm. If shonda make it so then I'm interested to see the story line and how she will deal with her knew found lesbian romance and the baby drama.


Hi, I heard that something bad is going to happen to Derek in Season 5. Does any of you know?
I read that maybe he have an accident on his way to Rose house.
Pleaseee let me know !!


I will have a hissy fit if Izzie is pregnant by abusive Alex. The only guy she should have the baby of is George.


They pretty much narrowed it down to Callie and Meredith for us...
Big kiss....that leaves Meredith, Callie, Adele, or possibly Izzy...
Izzy gettin any lately? don't think so.. so my guess is no for her
Adele can't have kids anymore they made that clear
This leaves us with Mer and Callie
Either is fine with me!! I'm guessing it's Callie even though I would love for it to be Mer, but they tend to move extrmelely slowly with the MerDer relationship... heck it took us four seasons to get through dating!!

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