A Grey's Anatomy Character Pregnant in Season Five?

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It's not clear whether this is a full-blown Grey's Anatomy spoiler or only rumor material, but sources, including Michael Ausiello of TV Guide, have hinted that someone who shared big smooch in the finale may be pregnant.

Which Grey's Anatomy character it be, if this were the case? It would have to be Meredith Grey or Callie Torres, we'd think, for obvious reasons.

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Considering all the time spent in the on-call room with Mark, Callie would seem to be the most obvious choice - and throwing a surprise pregnancy into the mix with her fledging lesbian romance would certainly create big drama!

On the flip side, might it be possible that Meredith Grey is somehow pregnant with Derek Shepherd's baby? How long have they gone without ... you know? It's unclear, but with production Season Five (!) underway soon, it's fun to discuss.

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There are good and bad sides for both pregnancy's, but wouldn't it be cool, if they were both pregnant?


i def think rose is the one that's pregnant!!!! she'll have complications & lose the baby.. the whole story line just to continue the bumpy ride of MerDer!!!... just my personal thoughts! :)


If meredith were pregnant now, that would be kind of fast but once they build their house they would be able to keep trying and then it would be so awesome!!!If izzy were pregnant with alex's baby and ava found out she would be so ****** off but it would still be cool! I hate rose! i never liked her because she took der away from mer and my friend and i were so mad:C If callie were pregnant that would ruin things with her and erica and that ruins the drama between the whole sloan-toraz-haun thing. I LOVE GREY'S ANATOMMY!!! Can't wait for season five!!!:D :O !!!!!!!!!!


Rose should NOT be a part of the Mer/Der issue, if it is going to be then unfortunately Greys Anatomy will again loose all its fans and popularity. Yes we have a group of us who had refused to watch season 4 because of Rose. We just cannot watch the show while we heard about Rose being in the whole of season 4. Rose just sucks. Hope in the season 5 she will not be any part of the program. Yay at least Mer and Der is back together and hope its for good. No don't want Mer/Der to be pregnant just yet. Hope Callie or Izzy is pregnant.




i have a feeling that it's rose!


Hmm for some reason
i have a feeling it could be rose, you know?


Just a thought...It could be Baily! On the very last episode Freedom Prt2; she kisses her son on the cheek. Yeah it wasn't a big kiss, but she kissed him. Shonda could be hypin up the show bcz of the strikes and ratings are down. I really don't want it to be Callie! Although it could make for some interesting drama. I just think theres wayyyyyy too much going on with Mark and the Erica thing. Deep down, I think it's IZZIE. I think Kath is checking out, I really don't think she'll stay. I also heard rumors that one of the characters may die. So who knows, let the game begin;o)


ITS IZZIE!!! I bet her and Alex are having a baby, they have always had a little connection and i really feel like they are the chosen ones!


I hope it's true someone is pregnant it would be so cool. I hope its Meredith but if it was Callie it would be so weird cuz of the whole lesbian romance thing but if someone is pregnant then they might just d what they did with Christina in season 2

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