Round Table: "Much I Do About Nothing"

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Welcome back to the Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

While Gossip Girl fans gather in the Much I Do About Nothing" include Vanessa and Nate, Dan and Serena, certain bitches getting theirs, and summer plans ...


1. So, Bart and Lily are married. Does this mean her fling with Rufus is over?

DANdy: Of course. Bart and Lily will live happily ever after with no drama at all and... darn, I almost got that all out with a straight face.

Mister Meester: Gosh I hope not. I love the youngsters but Rufus and Lily may be the best couple on the show. Such great chemistry.

Gossip Guy: Heavens no. This show is called Gossip Girl. Not No Drama Girl. I think that show's on the Make Believe Land channel.

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2. More put in his/her place: Georgina being sent to boot camp, or Mr. Archibald being punched out by Nate?

DANdy: Punches run in the Archibald family (see Victor, Victrola). Nate and his dad will be fine. Georgina, conversely, will discover that booting in a club is nothing compared to the difficult life of a boot camp, or the humiliation of a really bad pun.

Mister Meester: Kudos to Nate for laying out his dad, but I hate Georgina so much. After what she did to Serena and Dan, she got off easy with boot camp. I'll give her a boot to the skull if I ever see her out.

Gossip Guy: Definitely Mr. Archibald. I think Georgina needed a good punch in the face by Serena to be properly put in her place. Bitch! Why did you ruin my Derena?

3. Why do you think Vanessa and Nate broke up?

Mister Meester: Nate is hot. Vanessa is not. Sorry, but this is the Upper East side. There's no such thing as pretty on the inside.

Gossip Guy: Despite what Vanessa says, I think it's because Nate is way too pretty for Vanessa. Besides, how else could Nate have found his way over to Serena? No seriously, how did he find his way over to her? How do you see past those beautiful man-bangs that cover your eyes?

DANdy: Too much attention from the paparazzi. They kept being confused with Zanessa.

4. Should Dan have forgiven Serena's lies?

Gossip Guy: No! Did you count how many episodes Serena has been lying to Dan? I haven't. But I'd imagine it was like four. And that's a lot of episodes to be lied to. I'd never let a girl get away with lying to me for more than an episode. Dan, you may never get a girl as hot as Serena again, but you deserve better! Serena, go have fun with man-bangs.

DANdy: Yes. Have you seen Serena?!?

Mister Meester: Get your head out of your ass, Dan. Yes, being lied to sucks. But at least it happened because she worships you and your opinion of her. More importantly, Serena's legs are one of the finer things on this planet. Give her the cold shoulder for a week and prove your point. Then do what any red-blooded male would kill to - profess your undying love to her, take her into the alley behind the school and get her pregnant.

Derena Dances

Should Dan (Penn Badgley) forgive Serena (Blake Lively)?

5. What are your plans for the summer?

Gossip Guy: Well, unfortunately with gas prices where they are, I can't afford to take my private jet out to Europe this summer. Instead, I will spend it getting to know myself alongside Serena and Nate as a nice third wheel in the Hamptons. Get ready for Gossip Girl to catch you guys up on our love triangle during the season premiere. Until next season. XOXO, Gossip Guy.

DANdy: Hanging out with New Jersey Nets owner Jay Z in Brooklyn, making plans for when his team moves there in a few years. Call me, Dan!

Mister Meester: Oh, not much, just working on Gossip Girl Insider - the most up-to-date, comprehensive and fun Gossip Girl fan site online! Feel free to contact us with suggestions, news stories, feature ideas, and more!

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I think that Dan and Serena are definitely going to get back
together eventually but they just need some time apart to
clear their heads from the Georgina scandal . S just has to
have fun in the Hamptons and Dan needs some time away from
the Upper East side drama .


Did anyone else saw the "XOXO" written in the picture on Blair'a house, when she and Dan are leaving Georgina a message? It shows only in the beginning of the scene! ^^ Is it some kind of tip? ^o)


yea i agree with whoeva says dat serena and nate r meant 2 b 2gether!!!!!!!and blair and chuck!!!!i mean....dats like meant to be.....anywayz...can't wait till da next season!!!!!i luuuuv gossip girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, cindi, we will all just have to wait and see


oops ment jennies love life


is blair hooking with the guy from the jet or staying with chuck?
and wats upwith dan and serena and nate and vannessa?
ps wat is happening with jennieslove life?
sorry for putting so much


nATE nad sERena are meannt to be.imean MANBAGS AND SERENA


I think that Dan and Serena will end up back together, they
have to. And Chuck loves Blair! He cant go with that Amelia


^^ when I said Vanessa is still in love with him, i meant dan.


If you saw the way Vanessa was looking at Dan when she wouldn't tell him why she and Nate broke up, you could so tell she is still in love with him. And when she said "I will never get sick of you Dan." That was a total giveaway. As for Nate, I still think he's still in love with Serena.

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Blair: (kicks Chuck's leg) Break a leg.
Chuck: I think I just did.

Blair: You were on the floor!
Chuck: I hurt my back.
Blair: How? It's not like you every do anything athletic.
Chuck: Well, that's not entirely true, now is it?
Blair: Fine, nothing that involves removing your scarf.
Chuck: That was one time, it was chilly.