Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Freedom"

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While fans gather in our Freedom" include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes and kisses, Emmy winning performances, unanswered questions and predictions ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the finale?

McCritic: I can't recall the exact wording - and, no, it's not because I was crying so hard that my nose blowing drowned out the precise quote... I swear - but when Dr. Webber romantically told Adele that he was her husband and he was coming home, it almost made the confusing back and forth between these characters for the last two years worthwhile.

missingBurke: Have to go with this Meredith Grey quote (that it was interrupted by the kiss helps): "Now I'm here feeling like a lame ass loser. I got all whole and healed and you don't show up. And now it's all ruined because you took so long to come home! And I couldn't even find that bottle of champagne..."

iheartizzie: So many possibilities here, but when the "new" Mark told Callie how he wished he was all someone thought about and encouraged her to follow her heart with Erica, that was particularly awesome. I love Mark.

Torres and Sloan

2. Which of the many kisses in this episode was your favorite?

iheartizzie: They were all great, but in an outside-the-box pick, I'm going with the love-struck teen clinical trial patients, Beth and Jeremy. Most of the time the medical cases exist solely as devices through which our favorite characters interact, but these two were really terrific and helped make the episode great.

McCritic: Alex and Izzie. Not because I wanna see these two get back together, but because it was a vulnerable moment, played to perfection by Justin Chambers, that actually did not result in misguided sex for a change.

missingBurke: That montage was amazing, but nothing compares to Meredith and Derek. That kiss was an entire year in the making, and worth the wait.

3. Season Four was full of great performances by the Grey's Anatomy cast. Which cast member(s) do you think deserves an Emmy nomination?

missingBurke: Grey's Anatomy would win Best Drama every year if it weren't for some uneven story lines - the acting is superb from every cast member. It wouldn't be Grey's Anatomy, however, without the glue: Patrick Dempsey.

McCritic: Chandra Wilson. No actress on television fights back tears in a more forceful, emotional way (watch the scene where she hands Izzie the keys to the clinic again for proof) than the woman who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey.

iheartizzie: Justin Chambers was absolutely stunning at the end. To sell such an epic breakdown of macho Alex Karev, whose emotions and turmoil had been internalized for so long, is no easy task, but it was so believable. Chambers is terrific week in and week out, and with this, his talents should finally be recognized.

4. Bigger plot hole: George realizing he can ask for a second chance at the test a year later, or Richard coming home to Adele when he already did that once?

McCritic: George's realization. Instead of cheating on his wife with his best friend, perhaps George should have been reading the testing rules.

iheartizzie: In Season Two, Adele tells Richard that he doesn't put his family first. He throws a prom for niece Camille, but Adele leaves him anyway. Then, near the end of Season Three, Richard returns to Adele, only to have a door shut in his face. He thinks there is another man inside; this is never clarified. In the Season Three finale, Richard and Adele reunite when she is rushed to the hospital - yet they're mysteriously apart again as Season Four opens. Come on, writers. Even a man as funny as Chief can't rescue himself from these plot holes. He deserves better.

missingBurke: Richard let Meredith re-take the intern exam after she flaked. George never thought to ask if he could give it another shot?

5. After their romantic reunion, Derek told Meredith to wait for him and left to end things with Rose. What will happen next?

iheartizzie: For this answer I must quote a reader who submitted her own theory via our Contact Us form. I'm curious to know what others think of this potential outcome: "It's so obvious that as Derek tells Meredith to "wait" for him ... that we will find out next season he has been killed in some car accident going off to tell Rose that they are through. THIS COULD NOT BE MORE OBVIOUS."

missingBurke: After quickly dispatching of Rose, Derek returns to Meredith in the house of candles, as promised - with an engagement ring in hand.

McCritic: Derek will die... of embarrassment because his car is out of gas!


What's next for Derek and Meredith after the emotional season finale?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Where have you been?! I've been waiting and waiting for you! And I did this stupid, embarrassing, humiliating, corny thing. And I was just gonna tell you that, this over here is our kitchen and this is our living room, and over there that's the room our kids could play. I had this whole thing about I was gonna build us a house, but I don't build houses because I'm a surgeon. And now I'm here feeling like a lame ass loser. I got all whole and healed and you don't show up. And now it's all ruined because you took so long to come home! And I couldn't even find that bottle of champagne ... (Derek holds up the bottle and smiles)


Derek: Meredith....
Meredith: Stupid, corny, idiotic, I can't believe I did this. Stupid, loser, son of a ... I could be at home instead of ... oh
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