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so, after the show was over, the promo for all about my brother was shown, right? after watching it slowly, i noticed that in the clip where serena is staring at her laptop looking frightening, you can hear a guy asking a question and then georgina's voice: something like, come on, it's serena...

and then... (i know, i know, this is a kind of nasty prediction!) you can sort of hear like (again. gross!) like... moaning or something. and then serena slams the laptop shut. my guess is that she may have been involved in like sex tape or something with a rape... that would be really disturbing, but what if i'm right?! idk... i just thought that i'd share that b/c none of your predictions were anything like that. at first, i was like oh it's just drugs or alcohol- she drank way too much underage... but after seeing the preview i've changed my mind... just something to think about.

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