OMFG: New Gossip Girl Ads Spark Controversy

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While the CW has yet to turn our beloved Gossip Girl into any sort of ratings hit, they're certainly good at creating buzz for it.

With 13 episodes aired to date, the series returns after a long hiatus on Monday, April 21, at 8 p.m., with the first of five new episodes.

To promote the new episodes, the network recently launched a scandalous ad campaign that can be summed up in four letters: OMFG.

There are two sexy new posters promoting the return of the teen soap / drama, both of which will be seen all around the country.

The thing that makes these Gossip Girl posters controversial? Well, they show several couples from the series in seriously erotic poses...


"Oh my (f*%k!ng) God," indeed, Gossip Girl.

It's not hard to see why this ad campaign would stir raise eyebrows. Gossip Girl is a show aimed primarily at teens, and here we have Chace Crawford giving Blake Lively what appears to be a mind-shattering orgasm. Gulp.

Of course, the ad is lot like the show itself that it's edgy, daring, scandalous, and (let's face it) hot. Here's a second version of the OMFG campaign featuring Blair (Leighton Meester) and Chuck (Ed Westwick)...

OMFG Again!

What do you think? Which of the two new Gossip Girl ads do you like more - and is the show going too far with the whole "OMFG" angle?

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the nate/serena one is a piece of the puzzle in season one as far as their relationship and the undertones it brought to everyone's relationships from serena and blair's friendship to chuck having dirt on serena to why nate still has feelings for serena and is not sure about a continued relationship with b.
that being said for it's placement... that one is still a little raunchy and the chuck/blair one is as awkward looking as the kiss was on the show.
I like the show but the ads don't represent the fullness of the show. it's not all about sex--similar to the swingtown ads on cbs.


And if you want to be "realistic", than yes teens are having sex, but definitely not like they do on Gossip Girl. (In the backseat of a limo after breaking up with your nearly bethrothed; getting filmed in an "almost" sex tape etc etc). Even Blake and other cast members have stressed over and over again that this show is NOT a depiction of real life.


People who think the Nate/Serena ad is a little too risque aren't overreacting, even if those of you who think you're just so "cool" and "grown-up" say so. I'm almost 18, and even I have to admit that ad's a bit much. And seeing as how this show is targeted towards teens younger than I am, it's understandable that people might not want to see teens having orgasms on an ad for a "teen" television show. (Especially considering that I don't think I've seen anyone practice safe sex on GG) Anyway, I think the ad for the new season is giving the show a bad name. GG, although still grossly unrealistic, was a classy, interesting show full of drama and great fashion. There was still sex/sexual references, but it was always in kind of a tasteful way. Now, these ads just make it look like sex is the focal point of the show; like it's soft teen porn. I don't mind a little sex every now and then (I know when to separate fantasy from reality), but Idk if I could stand to watch a show if it was just all sex and no story, like the new season is hinting to be.


eh my gawd!!
Dorothy---let me break this down for you.
I don't belive in god...nor will I ever...and your threats about a fictional charecter in make belive land called "The Bible" doesn't scare me...and for the people who belive in god on here who I may have offended im sorry..I respect your opinions and all...but this is mine...and I thought I should share it!


also I think the PTC and other conservative people/ some parents are naive about how innocent teenagers really and truly are. There are teens that have sex and yes even do drug. LETS BE REALISTIC HUR. Dur! Also the promos arent scandalous one but. Its just the open mouth of ecstasy in the Serena/Nate one that has old people all freaked out. LOL.


somebody tell that dorothy woman to put a sick in it, cuz these promos r so OMFG HOT! I luv the Serena and Nate one most sure its over the top but is the show. The Blair and Chuck one is hot too but im more of an extremist! LOL. They are not scandalous so the old people can go back to watching re-runs of the Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote. Great ads! Gotta love it!


Totally love Nate/Serena.<33
so amazingly hot!!!
i mean come on girls--
if you were having sex
with someone that effin gorgeous
dont you think you would look like Serena too!
+ the Blair/Chuck one looks a little awkward??


the nate/serena is too much
and you can like see up chucks nose in the other one and his fae looks all weird
so i dont really like either but i love the show


Okay, so this show is for 18+ there is now reason
why any of these ads should be considered too
extreme. If you are afraid of your mother seeing it,
you obviously shouldnt be watching the show. Nate & Serena definitely gets the point across 100x better
than Chuck and Blair.




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