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A desperate Carly calls ex-husband Jack this week to say they've got big trouble.

"Parker has shot Sam," says Michael Park, who portays Jack Snyder. Parker is Jack and Carly's teenage son, who caught Sam trying to rape Carly on Friday's episode.

"By the time Carly calls Jack, Parker has already fled the scene," continues Park. "Parker runs over to the church, where Jack catches up with him [and Carly]: 'What are you doing here?' Jack asks them. They left the scene of the crime, and they left a man for dead."

"Jack has to go back and find out if Sam is dead." He is.

"Jack realizes Carly was being attacked and that Parker acted to protect his mother. Jack talks some sense into Carly and gets them to go to the station, where they have Tom and Margo meet them to explain what happened. Jack thinks it's going to be a simple explanation," says Park.

Unfortunately, police chief Margo learns during the interrogation that Parker brought the gun with him to Metro."

It turns out that Parker, to get the gun, had to go all the way to the farm and bring the gun to Metro, not knowing that Carly was being attacked," says Park. "He only sensed that she was being attacked [during a phone call]. That adds premeditation."

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