Denise Richards to Exploit Dead Mother, Kids in Reality Show

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For those - such as the Reality TV Scoop staff - that have been appalled at how readily Denise Richards will be exploiting her children in the series set to debut this summer, don't worry. It gets even worse.

Based on an interview the former wife of Charlie Sheen gave Access Hollywood recently, this attention-starved actress will also be milking the death of her mother for publicity. Denise's mom passed away from cancer two months before filming began.

But delay the series? Never! Ratings are at stake. Why not milk the story for sympathy instead?

"Nothing can prepare you for death. It's the worst thing I ever had to go through," Richards said. "I thought my divorce was hard. This is just 100 times harder."

Of course, Richards says her on-air struggle is purely altruistic. She wants to help others.

"If I can help anyone that has lost someone, especially through cancer, I would like to do that," Denise lied said. "She will definitely be talked about and how we are dealing with it."

Shockingly, the pathetic actress added, her young kids were excited to be on a television show. Forget the fact that it's the responsibility of a mother to shield them from the public eye and not give in to every child-like desire. Heck, her kids would probably be psyched to eat ice cream for every meal of every day, too.

"I asked them if they wanted to be on TV and Sam said, ‘Yes!" Denise laughed. "My girls have been around it so much. They love the makeup. They love the hair. They love all of that. I understand why people are judgmental right away saying, ‘How could she have her kids on the show?' But as long as they're protected, I feel that they'll be OK."

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