Buddha and Tiffany Pollard: Still Friends

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After setting the record straight on Deelishis and Busta Rhymes, we're now here to also clear the air regarding Buddha and Tiffany Pollard.

"New York and I still talk, we speak now and then," Buddha (real name: Ezra Masters) told People magazine. "When we see each other, we're very cordial. We're good friends, and we developed a real relationship on the show. And contrary to what most people think, Tailor and I still speak, too. Most people think we're bitter enemies to the end â€" not at all, not at all."

Buddha, of course, is referring to Tailor Made (real name: George Weisgerber), who Pollard chose to give her heart to during the I Love New York 2 finale. He even proposed to New York in December; she accepted.

"I think it's a good match," Buddha said. "I'm not surprised that they're engaged, and this is something I was telling New York on-camera, off-camera. I believe he was one of the few that was genuinely there for her. I think they're two nutty bunches of fun. Either they're going to love each forever or they're going to kill each other. Either way, they're going to do it together."

Since he failed to love New York the most, Buddha has taken up motivational speaking to children, posing for a body calendar, and penning a book called Buddha Bible.

"Coming out for the urban renaissance man," he says about the book. "It's a compilation of quotes from myself and other authors I find have taught me about life. It's more for people who don't really have a way, trying to find a way."

Would he ever come back to television?

"Everybody asks me about doing a Buddha Love or an I Love Buddha-type show," he said. "I'm really not interested in that. Honestly, unless it's something that's helping out people, I'm not interested in doing mindless TV."

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