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What does Bret Michaels look for in a woman? A pair of contestants on Rock of Love know the answer, as detailed by TV Guide in a new feature on the show:

The two women crowd around a mirror, slicing ordinary tops into shredded piece of garments/rocker seduction.

"Does that look too slutty?" a blonde asks, attacking her white tank. A brunette hacks three inches off her own black fishnet shirt: "Yeah, but that's a good thing!" The fishnet scrap is wrapped around a lamp, and cleavage bounces as everyone points and laughs in delight: "Look, now the lamp looks slutty, too!"

Bret Michaels, Women

As women are voted off every week on the show, the remaining hopefuls learn from their competitors' mistakes. They've been doing whatever it takes â€" lap dances and stripper-pole work included â€" to win the attention of the former Poison lead singer.

Once they get it, do any of them sample what Michaels refers to as "the real rock of love"? When asked, Michaels gets that bad-boy look in his eyes and says: "I don't want to kiss and tell, but so far, there might'a been a couple, two or three."

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