Tiffany Pollard Gives Thanks for Tailor Made

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Tiffany Pollard is thankful the supposed sex tape she was rumored to have starred in as been pulled from the Internet.

But she's even more thankful for her fiance, Tailor Made.

"Oh, my George," Pollard sighed to People magazine in a recent interview. "I told him what happened and he said, ‘I stand by you.' He didn't question me. He helped me relax about it."

That's an impressive feat, considering she "blew a gasket" when she learned about the tape.

"I was floored," Pollard said. "I thought, ‘I have to clear this up.' It saddened me as a woman and as a black woman... I feel violated because it's not me. If that were me, I would stand by it. They crossed the line."

But you can't keep New York down!

"I'm not going to let this (put) me in a state of being sad or feeling beaten up. I'm gonna be a big girl about it. I'm gonna stay strong."

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