Saaphyri Wants More Flavor Flav

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Saaphyri may have won $50,000 during Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School. But she wants more than money.

The reality TV contestant apparently wants another shot at Flavor Flav, as she'll be appearing on the third season of that rapper's lovefest. Below, Saaphyri comments on various aspects of herself and her odd hopes/dreams:

What is the appeal of Flavor Flav?
"I've never been one for looks. That has never been my thing. I've dated some guys that have probably looked worse than Flav, but they had good hearts, or at least I thought so at the time. It was never about the appearances. I want to get to know a person. Plus, Flavor smelled so good."

What about all his children?
"I get along really good with kids. They always seem to like me. I am not a good disciplinarian, so as long as someone else does that, it's all good. But for Flav, if his baby's mommas are happy, then he's happy I guess. I'm all good with the kids. I've met his kids actually. They are real sweet."

So, why should Flavor Flav should her this time on Flavor of Love?
''I am not like any of the past girls. Plus, he needs to give me a second chance. He kicked me out too quick. He didn't even get to know me in Season 2. I am a loving, and now "charming" lady."

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