Kristy Joe Muller: Rock of Love 2 Contestant Has Playboy Past

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Kristy Joe Muller hopes to win over Bret Michaels on Rock of Love 2.

But she's already won over the hearts of men who subscribe to Playboy. As the reality show contestant explains in her MySpace profile, however, there's no shame in posing for that men's magazine (beware: awful grammar ahead!)

Alot of People, i.e. Friends, Family see- Playboy as Porn! So, let Me just say this about that--- It is not Porn, if the Human body being photographed is porn, then we are all do Porn, Yep, every time we take a shower!" (Actually, I happen to not be photographed every time I take a shower, but maybe my shower is broken.)

The Rock of Love 2 gal continued:

"I feel Playboy is a very Classy Magazine, I would never do something that would go against My morals! Yes, believe it or not I have morals, Shocker! I am only young once and while I have one ass, instead of two...

I am going to model the way I see fit. And if You have a problem with it or dislike what I do, then don't associate with Me, it's really that simple… I am not trying to come across as rude---- I am just very tired of People that feel the need to Judge. "

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