Lauretta Vaughn: Back on As the World Turns!

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Lauretta Vaughn
Lauretta Vaughn may have not taken home the grand prize like Ryan Serhant during this past season of InTurn - but she impressed As the World turns Executive Producer Chris Goutman so much that he offered her a two-week gig on the show this past summer.

Now, her character Kit has returned to Oakdale. caught up with Lauretta to discuss the news: We've missed you. How have you been?
Lauretta Vaughn: Fantastic. I am so excited to be back on As the World Turns. I've been taping a lot of episodes and a few months ago I got married. How is newlywed life?
Lauretta Vaughn: It's still very strange. It's good. He has always been in my life, so it feels great having him around. Tell me about Kit's return.
Lauretta Vaughn: You know I campaigned; I really wanted to come back. I have some amazing fans and people on the message boards were writing in and were so supportive of me. It was like having an out of body experience seeing this third party look out for you. In the summer - when I had my two-week stint - I went to [Executive Producer] Chris Goutman and basically begged to be brought back.

It felt so natural to be there and everyone was so lovely. It was strange because I kept bumping into Chris. I saw him in Central Park; I ran into him on the subway. I kept telling him: this is a sign, you need to write me in! I had also given him ideas that I had about how to bring back the character. Did he like any of them?
Lauretta Vaughn: I'm not sure. One idea we had was to have me return as Kit's identical sister, Kat. Get it, Kit Kat? I thought that was too funny. Honestly, I told Chris I didn't care what he has me doing, I just want to be back! In the end, the producers and writers decided to just have me come back with a suspended sentence.

This time around, I'm in Oakdale to make amends with the Snyder family, and my reasoning for behaving badly in the past was my newfound alcoholism. Apparently, I battled the bottle.

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