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Only one completed episode of Grey's Anatomy remains unaired, pending the resolution of the writers' strike, and TV Guide's Michael Ausiello has got some more scoop on that episode - as well as some potential Grey's Anatomy spoilers from it.

George Loses It

Follow the jump to see what he has to say about Episode 11 of Season 4, which will air early next year and possibly be the last Grey's for some time. There's nothing too big in these spoilers, but shield your eyes if you don't want hints ...

Question: You mentioned a while back that George's mom was returning to Grey's Anatomy. Did the strike push that back?

TV Guide: That's what I'm hearing. According to my Seattle Grace mole, Mama O'Malley's return â€" originally slated for November sweeps â€" was delayed until Episode 11, aka the show's final pre-strike episode. That probably explains why George O'Malley had little to do during the just-wrapped two-parter. Why'd they move her out of sweeps? Well, when it became clear that episode 11 might be the final hour of Grey's Anatomy we get in a long time, the script underwent "massive rewrites" to ramp up the drama and add several cliff-hangers â€" one of which involves George's old lady. "They're pretty big bombshells," says the source. "Basically, everyone's futures are left up in the air."

Well, not everyone's. By the end of the episode, there will be little doubt which direction the Mer/Derek/Rose triangle is headed in.

Question: Earlier this season, you teased that someone's getting divorced on Grey's Anatomy, and it's not who we'd expect. After reading your Miranda Bailey narration spoiler, it has me thinking that it's her.

TV Guide: I can neither confirm nor deny that Bailey will be getting a divorce this season on Grey's Anatomy.

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Izzie was upset because she was with Alex and he cheated on her, she was humiliated, has nothing to do with being in love. She liked him, thought this was goign somewhere then he cheated on her right after they had been kissing. Ask any girl how she would feel about that and she will tell you she would be upset, even if she wasn't in love with the guy. I know I was when my first boyfriend did it to me and I had been planning to dump him as I just didn't love him anymore. I was hurt even though I didn't love him and I felt humiliated. Then Izzie had to go through a whole chorus of I told you so, even from George, that one seemed to hurt her more than anything that even George would say she had been looking for it by becoming involved with Alex. I think Izzie had a crush on Alex and liked him but like Katherine and Shonda said, it never got to love. Remember her telling Alex that even if she didn't want him, she didn't want anyone else to want him, that is not love, that is human nature. That said, she was always more jealous of George's every relationship. I remember even back in season 1 when Alex gave George a condom for his date, look at Izzie's pissed off face. Then her jealousy of Callie from day one went beyond anything, she spent a whole conversation with Denny talking about George and how Callie was stealing him from her. She never acted like that with Alex, that jealous or the way she would freak out whenever George would move out or keep his distance from her, her total terror at losing him. This kind of need for George, love for him, she never had for Alex, not even sure she had it for Denny, George is her person. I don't see Izzie like you do. Izzie wants marriage and kids, not sex. She had great sex with both Hank and Alex but it was not enough for her. Passion fizzles out real fast, ask any couples together for a long time. Love, trust and friendship stays. If Izzie is so into passion and sex, why did she stay with Denny? They never had sex and they shared two chaste kisses but she loved him more than Hank and Alex put together and was totally happy. But then why do you think George is not a passionate guy? He kept Callie plenty satisfied in the bedroom front, didn't he? In fact, he loved sex maybe just a bit too much. I assume by passion you mean sex. Alex is good at that, but not much more, which is why he never gets the girls to fall in love with him. He is a sex toy for them nothing more, same with Mark. But I think George can be as passionate as they come when it cares about something and he and Izzie have a love that is deep and true. Just watch the way Izzie looks at George with so much love and the way she smiles at him, has she ever smiled at anyone like that, even Denny, let alone Alex? That is love! The great sex was not due to the forbidden aspect of it. It was due to George and Izzie being themselves due to the alcohol. It relaxed them. Alcohol lets your inhibitions go away and be yourself. Without the alcohol, when they were a real couple, George and Izzie were acutely aware they had broken up a marriage for this and they put an inane amount of pressure on themselves for having the perfect night to make it worth it. Nobody can have great sex or a good relationship with that amount of guilt and pressure and baggage. Shonda herself said it was not their chemistry, they had that, it was the baggage they were carrying from the way they had started. My hope is they become friends again and let the romance happen naturally this time around. They have the love, the chemistry was totally back in the dancing scene, they just need to be themselves and get together the right kind of way. And I will shoot myself if she and Alex get together again, this relationship was WRONG and sick from the start.


First Izzie, I think she should take a break. The time she supposetly needed to get over Danny was absurtly short. She loved him soo much!! And she was over him within a year?? I dont get it. So she and George should brake up. Simply, the dont have any chance of survival together. Izzie is a girl who likes passion and fire, and with george she isn't going to get it. OK, the first sex they had was passionate and wunderfull, but didn't any of you ever had forbidden sex? Why do you think maried ppl take lovers? Because it is exciting and good sex!! So, I think Izzie should take a brake for a while. No men for her. Let her find a specilization and become a incredible docter. Maybe she will get together with Alex. She didn't love him? Then why was she so pissed of when he slept with Olivia? Alex and Ava/Rebecca is no good. She is just looking for a thrill and will stick in the end with her husband. She is very impulsive, just running away from her husband while pregnant? So no, I dont think they have a future. The most probable thing is Alex and Lexie will have a nice time together, but just for the sex. Alex still loves Izzie. He never stopped loving her. He has a very good personality. I imagine he was the kid that good bullied at school and took a attitude so ppl would get scared away from him. He wants to be cool very desperatly. And because Izzie was the first and only who looked beneeth that shell I think she is est for him. Oh, and I really think he will go in pediatric surgery. It fits him like a glove. George and Callie will get back together. George will realize that what he had with her was actually great and had very good future. He is just a young kid. He needs to grow up. And I think he will best when Callie gets or is pregnant. When he realizes he is getting a child and has to be responsible, he will make an excellent hubby. Oh, and George will go into Cardio. (remember elevator surgery) Christina still has to get over Burke. In her own way she believed in her relationship with him and that was torn away. I think she might be a lesbian. No offence. I like her char very much! But no man will ever be good enough for her. She needs someone who she doesn't have to look up to. Someone who is equal. Ofcourse she will deny it, but eventually I think she might end up with a girl. A very nice girl. Mark will get Hahn. He is already falling in love with her, even though she is denying it. He loved Addison, but she is no good for him. She is with her head in the clouds over Derek. Mark will do some recue-ing. He will do something that will make him special for a (short) while and will make everybody look different to him. It already started with the pro-bono thing for the boy with the ears. No clue how Hahn and McSteamy will get together, but they will. I think... Miranda will divorce Tucker, and Richard will divorce Adele. I think Tucker will get the baby and Miranda will try to drown herself in the work. And become eventually an excellent Chief. And that will be the end of Richard in GA. Addison will get the herbi-guy from LA. I dont think we will see any of it. She has left GA. And now Meredith and McDreamy aka Derek. They will always remain together. Simply because it's somthing we all have to believe in. It's a bit like the Gone in the Wind story. Meredith is Scarlett and Derek is Reth. They love each other very much, but Meredith needs an eye-opener. Maybe Derek will be in a crisis and Meredith realizes she doesn't want to lose him. They need a fresh start and they were already heading to it. I think that Rose might be the eye-opener. If she finds out about them she will do everything in her power to win him back again and probably will find her true self. Because she is now a little bit to naief. They will get married soon I think. And I think it will be Meredith who will ask him. She doesn't want to end up like her mum. I really am looking forward to the next episodes/seasons. I hope the strike will be over soon. I support the writers action, but I need my series back!! Well these are my 2 cents.


MerDer fans need to know not everyone cares about their couple, I don't. I like George and Izzie and Alex and Ava the most and they are why I watch.


I do love the friendship between George and Izzie, but love their romance even more. In fact, they are the only couple on this show I ever loved.


I don't care about MerDer anymore at all, they are SO boring, they are not Grey Anatomy to me. Gizzie is, and if they end for good, I won't watch again, simple as that. I tink they make perfect friends and perfect lovers.


greys anatomy without merder wouldnt be greys anatomy
meredith should sort herself out and marry derek and then greys could focus on the relationships of the other characters
george and izzie are just better friends then lovers
mcsteamy needs some more drama a proper relastionship


I think MerDer has been stretched out for waayy too long now. SOMETHING needs to happen... either they'll stop fooling around and actually BREAK IT OFF (rather than be the exact same as before w more sex this time) or they can actually accept the fact that they can't be without eachother and get SERIOUS. I think they way Shonda Rhimes keeps everything so ambiguous is a complete cop-out... She knows the season has plenty more episodes so she's just wasting episodes that are completely about random one-show patients and situations [and NOT at all about the central characters' lives] and the actual storyline of the show really never goes anywhere. Think about it... since season 4 has started... can you name many differences? A couple of things have been made "official" and are "for sure" now compared to the ending of season 3.. but nothing drastic has happened! george and izzie want eachother. Callie knows.
Burke and Cristina are definitely over.
Meredith and derek are STILL together, but going nowhere.
Alex is an ass.
Alex loves Eva, but doesn't want to admit it.
Sloan is a womanizer. With no real drama, like the other characters.
Bailey and her husband don't get along.
The Chief.... is the Chief. And cristina is "FINE". The only characters that have even noteworthy changes in their lives are Callie and Bailey. JEEZ SHONDA! End the strike, Let's all be friends, and please... Give us some Grey's Anatomy. Some good ol' suspenseful, extremely dramatic, cliff-hanging Grey's Anatomy. Thanks


I used to love MerDer, but they have sort of lost their interest for me. I love Gizzie and really want them to be together. I don't really care about the other couples.


Don't care who Alex ends up with as long as it is not Izzie. She belongs with George.


I love George and Izzie too and beyond furious that they did not even get a chance together. Those two just fit together so well. I never thought they fitted with anyone else. George and Callie was beyond awkward. And I loathed Alex and Izzie and never really bought into ehr and Denny. But she and George, I believe in their love completely. If the show does not put them back together, it will break my heart.

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.