Major Gossip Girl Spoiler For January 10

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We've come across a major Gossip Girl spoiler, one so big we can't run it on the Gossip Girl Insider homepage. It pertains to the lovely Serena van der Woodsen, and something that she buys in an upcoming episode ...

Looking Glitzy

Follow the jump for a potentially huge Gossip Girl spoiler...

Here's the deal. There are two completed Gossip Girl episodes remaining and that will probably be it for the season unless the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike is resolved, which looks increasingly unlikely. The two un-aired episodes will be shown January 3 and January 10.

This Gossip Girl spoiler pertains to the second of the two episodes. We can't vouch for its authenticity, but we came across this rumor:

"A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"

Serena is seen purchasing a pregnancy test, and this information gets reported on Gossip Girl's Website before the facts are all checked.

Wow. If this is indeed the end of the first season of Gossip Girl, it may be quite the cliffhanger that's in store for us in a few weeks.

What do you think? Is Serena van der Woodsen pregnant? It certainly seems possible after her Christmas surprise for Dan! Talk to us!

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Guys you have ogt to be kidding. obviously this episode is revolving around the possibilty of Blair being pregnent with either chuck or nate's baby. I really hope its nates if she is pregnant because i love nate and blair together


maybe it's for Serena's mom, maybe her and Bart are having a
kid. Also another spoiler i think there's going to be a major
fight between Chuck and Nate


Okay so like most everyone else who has posted a comment I think Serena bought the test for Blaire and I hope if she is pregnant it's Chucks baby!!!


i think that it is really blair that is pregnant or maybe both of them are pregnant wouldn't that be supprising


and second who ever gossipgirl411 is u could not be more
wrong blair and NATE are ment to be togeather blair like
hates chuck


first of if u saw the preveiw
for the last episode
it is blair who is pregnant and
the books are nothing like the show
i think that bliar is pregnant
because in the preview she tells nate
that she selpt with Chuck and
why would she do that with out a reason?


it's blairs!
serena buys it for blair!
serena is being a good best friend
and then somehow it all gets dumped on her.
i don't know if bliars actually pregnant
but i know that serena told blair to take the
test i also know that somehow nate hears about
blair sleeping with chuck and nate ruffs chuck
up a bit by throwing him into a taxi while
confronting him.


i hope its chuch's baby. theyre ment to be together.




k people little spolier it so is blair. saw it on the promo.:P and i mean it makes
for a better story line, i mean shes the only one who really slept with two men(who happen to be
best friends, during the same time period. i hope its chuck, i mean that would bring so much more to the show! i mean chuck and blair are just meant to be. but whatever. looks like an episode no one should miss. also in this episode nate obviously finds out, and yeah u better believe hell be going after chuck now. i dont think theyll be best friends after this:P

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