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Guest Star News: Lauren Stamile, Josh Jackson

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Kristin Veitch of E! Online reports that nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) are definitely heading in a romantic direction in upcoming episodes. Rumor has it that Rose/Lauren is sticking around until the last episode before the strike â€" Episode 11 â€" and she'll be an increasingly bigger part of the plot, as Derek even calls on Rose to help save a surgery.

For those of you rooting for Meredith and Derek, the good news is that this new "McThorny" romance with Lauren Stamile's character becomes a thorn in Mer's side â€" she may just realize how very badly she wants a McDreamy ending. The bad news? According to sources, she might realize that a little too late.

Lauren Stamile Photo

Lauren Stamile: A guest star and thorn in the side of Meredith Grey.

In other guest star news, the Writers Guild of America strike is apparently going to nix Joshua Jackson's appearance on Grey's Anatomy. Producers are hoping they can figure out another slot for the former Dawson's Creek star after the strike is put to rest, but that's contingent on his schedule. Stay tuned.

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As with the Karen above, I have been somewhat torn between thinking GA has just become a daytime soap and always enjoying it more when Verna is involved in writing this episode. The warmth comes back...Meredith's relationship with the Chief, she looks affectionate fixing his collar. Yes, I'm a fan of this relationship but also feel yes, like been there done that (are the writer's going dry?). Yes, Meredith is whiney and I thought the story line became hopelessly confused with the she needs to grow up versus her damaged, etc. I feel, as I have always felt, that the first two seasons were so great that you can't help but want this couple to succeed. And, sorry (nasty) but I'm tired of PD's pronouncements - perhaps too much success? Why Rose, who knows except that there has always been the element of threat as to Meredith committing to Derek. Even the end of season 3, when her friends support her (how great is that?) he essentially seems like he is jealous in a way of that dynamic. I'd trust my friends, too. Maybe it's just my own personality but I don't react well to emotional threats or ultimatums, they make me back off too. So, I'm just sad. I really miss the great music and funny moments...GA does seem to be "creeping" back towards the earlier lighter and more fun show but, like some others (but apparently not the millions tuning in every week), surely I can find something less of a struggle to watch (although good for them to get me to do it), find out the ending and rent this summer, depending on what happens with the writer's strike. Sorry for length, again I'm just sad that a show that I enjoyed so much (unusually) seems to be the down part of the week and mostly because not only do Mer/Der not ever get together but seems as though everybody is disfunctional. At least Sandra Oh danced again, always an upbeat moment for me.


I think the writers should take a few minutes during this strike and figure out how they are going to give their loyal fans what they want. It'll be great if Derek and Rose make Meredith wake up but when I hear rumors that it will be too late, I anticiapte another season of waiting for the two of them to get it together-been there, done that. Don't need another daytime soap. I'm holding out hope until the end of the season.


About merder, I don't know anything. But to be honest, I think that last episode will end bad for merder :( but that's my personal opinion.
And the spoiler was about Josh Jackson.


Oh what do you think?Will Meredith and Dereck be together in the end?What spoiler do you have?I have to know it....because it would be terrible if they don't....I wouldn't stop looking if they won't be together but it won't be the same....only when I think about it, I have to crie! It won't happend!


Yeah the thing with Joshua Jackson is postphoned because of the strike.
I've read some spoilers about the woman he's going to hook up with :)






So this Rose girl, I don't hate the actual person that is playing the role, nor do I hate Rose, but I don't like the idea of her and Derek... I mean, it is Derek and Mer that have kept us all faithful to this show, and now to take that away would just anger a lot of people, as well as it would make Grey's lose a lot of fans. We all know it's hard in real life and there is always drama, but eventually, at the end of the day everyone wants to love and to be loved, and Derek and Mer love one another, so why not let them have their relationship stable for once, and then deal with other issues and story lines, such as Christina, or Izzy and George... and for Mer and Derek, well have their relationship grow... I know I really want theirs happily ever after


What the hell is Shonda trying to do? I honestly almost stopped watching the show after so many people were cut out, it's not been around for that long to have key cast members off or doing their own spin off. It doesn't make sense for Meredith and Derek to not end up together. If he starts something with Rose, I'm afraid Grey's will not be on my to watch list anymore, as that of many people...


How can you NOT LIKE THEM? Their chemistry together is what holds the show together - in my opinion. There's something really special between the two of them. Besides - can't we have a happy ending, just this once? True love triumphs, and all of that? I won't be able to watch Grey's anymore if they break up. It just doesn't seem possible.