Round Table: "Love/Addiction"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character and story line, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff members come together each Friday to talk about the key moments and developments and share random thoughts from each episode.

Our Round Table discussion topics for "Love/Addiction" range from Callie's job security to the return of Mama Burke, to the new and improved Mark Sloan ...


1. Should Bailey take over for Callie as Chief Resident?

McCritic: No. It's far more entertaining to watch the wanna-be boss squirm for power. Someone needed to hit Alex last night, if only for that goatee.

iheartizzie: Richard may have been serious when he said Bailey's skills are better utilized in the OR, but he didn't figure Calliope would be incompetent. Balancing personal problems with work is part of the game, baby. Time to step aside and let Miranda run the show with the drive she's always exemplified.

AndYouveGotTheHair: No disrespect to Bailey, but I think Callie has gotten a raw deal so far this year. I mean, Alex gets assaulted and she takes the blame? Sure, she's accountable, but so is he, and the drug dealer was the one that threw the punch! Give Dr. Torres some time to adjust to this new role.

2. Sex and mockery: recipe for disaster?

iheartizzie: It works well for me. I've found some good-natured ridicule after doing the deed can break the ice and take the focus off my poor performance.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Ah, the friends with benefits scenario. It's so great for like two weeks, until one of the people involved wants more out of it than the other. Which you know will happen and choose to ignore. Never ends well.

McCritic: Only if the mockery is in regard to the sex.

3. So Mark Sloan is apparently the Seattle Grace voice of reason now. What miraculous character transformation would you like to see next?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Lexie Grey getting transferred to Mercy West. I know that doesn't count as a character transformation but I don't care!

McCritic: Meredith asking for cheese with her beer. Not her whine.

iheartizzie: Cristina Yang becoming a grief counselor. Or Richard becoming a marriage counselor. Or Derek becoming a Just For Men spokesperson.

The Voice of Reason

4. Should Mama Burke become a series regular?

McCritic: No. There's no place for a mature, honest woman on this show.

iheartizzie: Yes. Mama's appearance last night showed just how badly some of these whippersnappers need a good tongue-lashing. Bailey can't possibly keep a band of self-absorbed, incompetent interns and residents in line all by herself (although her rant against Alex was pretty stellar). Help her out, Mama.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Diahann Carroll is fabulous as Mama Burke, but what would keep her in Seattle? What would tie her to these characters with Preston gone? The cast is already so big anyway. It wouldn't work. Now, something tells me she'd be great as a recurring character on, say, Bionic Woman ...

5. More futile: Richard's attempt to delegate, or George's attempt to grow a spine?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Chief. After that passionate speech to Adele at the end of last season, he's still back at work? Man is a workaholic.

McCritic: Richard. George's problem hasn't been growing a spine. It's been the growing of a different body part, if you know what I mean.

iheartizzie: At least Richard is aware of his own futility, which is caused in large part by his enormous level of responsibility. George has bungled his way into an unhappy marriage, a scandalous affair and repeating his intern year. No spinal column.

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Okay. whats up with MerDer?
I cant figure out if they are broken up.. or together.!
"s&m". Thats so stupid.It only works for a little while... then something will happen. I say Shonda should find a way for meredith to figure out her issuses with Derek, that way they can be together!!! Gizzie... not really liking it. i miss season 2.....


Lorraine, I agree with everyting you have said.


Don't get me wrong. I'm a hugeeeee fan of Grey's. But this season is really not doing it for me. Something is just missing. Like what many say, I'm not sure whether it is the absence of Burke. But maybe not. Cos I have enjoyed many episodes, in which Burke had not always been central to the plot. Maybe it is the way that the characters have evolved in "17 days". Everything seems different. Suddenly Mark is Aunt Agony? I just can't digest that. I'm sure that is the natural evolvement that the character has to go through. But so soon? Without any warning? The scene where he tells Callie that she has to talk to her husband... was just hard to take in.
What I used to love about Grey's in season One and Two was the way even the patients used to make me feel. Even though for most parts they were just one-off characters, they made me want to cry and feel like a part of them. And the way the interns used to relate with them used to be brilliant. That seems to be missing at this point. Everything seems to be about the residents and the gazillions of new interns and the suddenly roles-reversed surgeons. Nothing beats Season two for me.


I am totally rooting for George and Izzie, they are hot, sweet, funny and so heartwarming and they just make me feel like a squeeling teenager which I have not felt like in forever. They are LOVE.


Everyone hates on Callie because she is rude, vulgarm loud, obnoxious and possessive. She is also pathetic. She knows George doesn,t want to stay with ehr and she guilts him into staying with her, I hated that. George, run run far away and go be with Izzie, your true love.


I think Izzie and george are the perfect couple, they complement each other. She is the big talker who shares all ehr emotions and he keeps things locked up. They make each other laugh, smile, cry. When Izzie is around him, she lights up like she has never done before. And when he is with ehr, he is confident, happy and sure of himself. With Callie, he becomes depressed and despondent. See how his shoudlers slumped and he seemed to lsoe the confidence Izzie had given him when Callie guilted himminto not talking, great acting by TR there. Little subtle things like the different way he portrays George with Izzie and Callie. George and Izzie belong together.


i totally hate gizzie, especially after the last epsiode. izzie was one of my faves in the beginning before she turned into a marriage ruining 3rd person. that part is somewhat understandable since she "loves" george but what is disgusting is how she told george not to tell callie just because she knows callie is her boss and she didnt want her work day to be worst if callie knew. totally selfish. i dont understand how everyone hates on callie. shes always nice and has great personality and is my #1 favorite female character since addison left.


I HOPE that doe doenst become a regular... what a fake.


MerDer: This storyline totally sucks at the moment. What is this? the writers trying how often they can sell the viewers a break-up and get together again? This only works for a few time, but not constantly, it gets boring and unbelievable. Especially when there is no chemistry at all between the two of them at the moment. And Dereks behavier makes Addison affair with Mark more and more understandable. Callie: I don't like what the writer are doing with her. She turns into the one the viewers hate most and that's not how it should be. She was strong fun and had such a great chemistry with Addison last season. But now she is all alone at SGH, down, destroyed, betrade and all, she has not a single friend since Addison is gone. Last season Callie hasn't been such a week, whiny person. Somehow it feels like the writers want to get rid of her. Fine by me as long as they move her to Private Practice. Izzie/George: Feels like Bambi and Barbie getting together. I don't see this working. IMO Izzie needs someone with a backbone, a fighter (like Danny) and not sweet Bambi Alex: Just two words: shave, hair cut .... okay that three words. His looks sucks big time and his interest in Lexie. Jesus, that's not his typ of woman. She seems like the female version of George, like the She-Bambi. Alex needs someone who like Addison (still can't believe that the writers didn't go for that, they were hot together) Lexie: Totally agree with the transfer to Mercy West. I think it's pretty obvious that Grey's Anatomy is missing Addison and Burke. You can't easily replace two great, strong characters and that's what's missing here, the balance between week and strong characters. At the moment there a millions of interns, too many residents and just two attendings. I think the staff and the characters are not balanced.


Lexie Grey getting transferred to Mercy West.
just made my day.

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