Heroes Round Table: Lizards

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Welcome to our second Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the

Halo69: Peter. I find his story line among the more interesting of the 76 going on right now. And while I heart Claire, the whole self-mutilation thing is not as big a turn-on as you might think.

HeroesFanatic: I'd have to go with Claire. Those special effects were pretty darn cool. But it's safe to assume her portrayer, Hayden Panettiere, would go with a half-naked Peter.


Do you miss Niki and Micah?
Halo69: What I really miss are those photos of Ali Larter nude. Can we get those back up on the site? Just kidding. Sort of. Niki and Micah are cool, too.

HeroesFanatic: Yes. Molly Walker looks lonely and I wanna see if those sparks between her and Micah from last season are legitimate or not.

A. Hiro: Do I miss looking at Ali Larter and being impressed by a 10-year old boy that can put together a computer in less time than it takes me to answer this question? Come on. Is West sketchy?

A Masked Hiro
Does Bob (from The Company) have the best interest of those with special abilities in mind?
HeroesFanatic: Only if their best interests involve being tortured and experimented on.

A. Hiro: No. I trust this guy about as much as I trust reports that Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia are dating. Come on. He's 30!

Halo69: Get outta town with this question. Bob is shady to the max. The better question is whether he is playing Mohinder or vice versa.

Preferred partner for Hiro: Kensei or Ando?
A. Hiro: Ando is loyal and good at speaking Japanese. But which of these sidekicks would you prefer to have a drink with? Enough said.

Halo69: Kensei is a cool character, but Ando, has really endeared himself to this viewer. You can't deny the great rapport Ando has with his cohort. He and Hiro are a natural fit... much like myself, Hayden Panettiere, a romantic Italian restaurant and a nice bottle of red wine. Yes, I'm 28.

HeroesFanatic: You know what they say: Bros before hos... and wussy drunks that pretend to be Samurai warriors. Ando is the choice.

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