Heroes Round Table: Fight or Flight

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Welcome to our fifth Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the Hayden Panettiere the hottest underage girl in America until August? Come on. Last year, Hiro was a true Hero... and hilarious to boot! Now he's merely Samsonite in a bad romance novel. Bring back the Hiro we love!

Timex: Yes. Ever since he got there.

Heroes RT: Fight or Flight

Who is Elle's father?
Milover: Bob from The Company. He's real shady, and the introduction of Elle, who tracks down Peter, is just the latest in a string of evil developments that can potentially be traced back to this dude. Which is hard to believe, if only because this actor was responsible for some classic Groundhog Day quotes back in the day as Ned... Ryerson!

Timex: I'm going to have to guess our good friend at the company, Bob.

A. Hiro: Mr. Bennet. I doubt this is actualy the case, but he appears to be the only interesting character remaining, so let's consider this a bit of wishful thinking.

Dumber move by Mohinder: Trying to free Niki from her restraints, or bringing Molly to The Company in the first place?
Timex: Bringing Molly back to the company! How much work and effort was it to steal her from the company? And now how are we going to have Three Men and a Little Lady without the lady?

Mr. Parkman
A. Hiro: Niki. I'm okay chalking up the Molly blunder to panic over a loved one. But don't you think The Company has cameras, Mohinder? Or hallways outside that room? Way to blow your cover there, doctor. There's a bigger cause at stake here than Niki's well-being.

Milover: Yay. Trying to free Niki. That wasn't too well thought out. What was the next move going to be, huh? You gotta to think many steps ahead because you know The Company has. Unlike Mohinder, Bob always has a plan. Bing!

Who did you miss more in this episode: Sylar, or Mr. Muggles?
A. Hiro: Sylar. At least he's trying to get his powers back. I admire the initiative - and hope Hiro, Nathan and Peter are paying attention.

Milover: I missed both of them. This season is far too scattered. How about a little cohesiveness, or some sense of purpose? Right now, what we have is a great cast of characters doing nothing. I thought Grey's Anatomy was on Thursdays.

Timex: Mr. Muggles! Besides stealing any scene he's in, we generally get a glimpse of Claire.

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