Grey's Anatomy Spoiler Watch: More MerDer Trouble?

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E! Online columnist Kristin Veitch dishes a little on the upcoming guest star that poses potential problems for Derek and Meredith. This doesn't reveal a whole lot, so no real spoilers here. Just more MerDer hesitation and conflict. Will it ever end? Or will this finally help lead TV's favorite couple to a better end?

MerDer Trouble?

Question: Any word on Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd? I'm so tired of the back and forth. Can they just get together or break up for good?

Answer: Now, what fun would that be?! Trust me, I feel your pain, but this is TV, and in the spirit of Sam & Diane / Ross & Rachel / Kristin & Stamos, things will get more complicated before they get any easier.

Sources confirm to me that Lauren Stamile is most definitely a new love interest for Derek (Patrick Dempsey), and she'll be sticking around for a while. I'm told she's pretty much the anti-Meredith (all the way around â€" looks and personality) and will make Derek somewhat conflicted... at least in the short run.

What do you think? Are you losing faith in Mer and Der? Or is this just what the doctor ordered to help them get their respective acts together?

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I actually do not mind that they will bring a new love interest for Derek, since it is obvious, at least to me, that they will end up together. But I do mind all the drama, and the way they are making Meredith suffer! I mean, Derek lied to her, he chose Addison after she declared her love for him, her mother told her to her face that she shouldn´t have had her in the first place, also that she is mediocre and a bad doctor, her father left her, her mother died, her dog died, she almost dies, her fake mommy died, she realizes out of the blue that she has two sisters (half-sisters, same difference), her father hit her in the hospital humilliating her in front of everybody, tells her that she is not welcome, Derek accuses her of not beeing there as if she had no issues of her own, he leaves her again or gives up on her, then lexie comes and invades her space, she is again accused by lexie of being a bad doctor, she is accused of killing Susan, then she is supposed to be bright and shiny? No wonder she is dark and twisty inside, or as she said, the president of the people with crappy lifes. And lets not forget the George Incident, or the fact that she drinks way too much tequila when she is depressed, or the fact that she has issues with inappropiate men. She is a mess, people, I don´t think that all this missfortune is realistic. I mean, poor kid. Her life is a disaster with capital letters and everybody is trying to blame her for not being able to communicate with Derek. Who apparently is perfect. Well, he is not. If you remember, she told him that she loved him, that she wanted to be with him, and he rejected her. It doesn´t matter that now he wants her. He broke her heart and the little self confidence she had. He broke her. Now he has to wait, because it is his fault that they are not together. He is not perfect, he made a mistake and now we are paying the price. Or they are. But please, I only ask for a little more fun and games for meredith. She deserves to be happy, or at least the crappy things have to stop. She needs to heal, so let her heal. Please. I´m begging you!!!


Another triangle will be good for MerDer? Really?
This show is over. If Derek will start to date with this "anti-Meredith" I won't watch this crap again. MerDer deserves to be happy sometimes.


Mer/Der are by far my favorite TV romance of all time. I really want to see them together. I love the whole soul mate story line. I promised myself I would stop watching the show if anything ever happened between Der and Lexie. Just agreeing with sophiejinx, that's just gross Mer and Lexie being sisters. And a real person wouldn't go there after her sister did. At least I hope she wouldn't.
The love love McDreamy's character. He is definitely well, McDreamy. But he just seems to be making the same mistake with Mer over and over again. And that's frustrating. He keeps hurting her. I loved the proposal. It was sweet but I agree with Ann...there's was an ultimatum immediately following it. And that's not romantic. He keeps leaving her every chance he gets and then stands back and wonders why she can't commit to him. He has yet to commit to her. This whole new love interest thing. In real life, it would push a non-trusting person further away. Unless Der does the changing and comes to the realization that he can't be with anybody but Mer. I trust Shonda though, however she chooses to write it.
All I have to say is that Der has done nothing but sabotaged mer happiness. If they wind up together I love the second season. If they don't. I'm really upset she didn't wind up with Finn. I'll keep watching it until the end holding onto hope that one day Mer/Der will be together and live happily ever after because I'm a romantic just like everyone else who posted. I just hope that we all get the pay off that we want. Because I feel like I was jipped out of the Ross and Rachel payoff because by the time it happened they had gone through 10 years of on again off again that I just felt at the end of it it was going to be off again in soon. So I wasn't interested. And I don't want that to happen here.
I can suggest that I don't think that we've seen Der jealous enough. Um Mark and meredith are cute, in the short run.
As a side note...I want Izzie and Alex together too. They are adorable. I hated the storyline with george and izzie. But then i noticed that the women I know who had husbands or boyfriends die on them, always went safe in their next relationship. Safe like a best friend safe. So I cut Grey's slack for that. But Alex and Izzie deserve their due soon. I think anyway. I don't like Ava.


While I am getting frustated with all the will they won't they of MerDer, I have to admit that it does make for good TV.
I would like to see get resolved and see Shonda finally give them a REAL shot at a healthy relationship. With all of Mer's issues there will still be plenty to write about relationship wise between them, it doesn't have to be all bright and shiny just because they are together! Give us MerDer together Shonda!!


I think that this new person...whatever....will be just the kick in the butt that Meredith needs to tell Derek how she really feels about him....that she loves him too and wants to be with him....Anyone remember the speech she gave him in season 2 about when she met him she was done? MER, REMEMBER THAT!


kathy, i hope you are right. and that should happen.
I am sick of the mer/der story line. Shonda.. MAKE MEREDITH GROW UP! or do somehing. I hate how Derek gave her 'the" speech. The one EVERY girl wants to hear with the man she loves. And she wants to turn and walk away! I mean i know meredith is "dark and Twisty".
but derek is her "bright and shining whatever"!!


I've never been so touched and so frustrated at the same time by any TV show. I'm so fond of MerDer and I so loved Shonda that she was strong enough to get them together and let them be happy. It was so different than other TV love-stories and so admirable. But from the episode 03.19 - it's just a stupid ordinary TV show what gets together and break up all the time and makes couples from everybody without any sence.


urgh!!!!hate this spoiler!!!i'm now hatin the new female doc more than lexie grey!!!even though she's not on the show yet!!!


I really don't like the idea of some new SLUT coming to the show...but if it helps Meredith realize what she can have with Derek, and makes her grow... then I can take it for like one episode, but no longer than that!!! But this back and forth crap is getting really annoying!!!


Theres no chance that she'll be a sister, confirmed rumors are usually true. I'm okay with the fact that there is someone come between Mer/Der cause in the end it will all work out. I agree, what fun would it be if we all got what we wanted right from the start? But how many times will Derek have to realize that Meredith is his soulmate. I the first time it was amazing, the second time it was still cute. Its getting a little old now

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