Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXXV

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Season Four of of Grey's Anatomy is underway, so let's take a look at who won the Insider's first Caption Contest of this young season.

This funny photo from "A Change is Gonna Come" yielded a lot of good entries. Honorable mentions go to L.C., LanieCroft and FunWithPuns (although that was a little too easy), among many others. It was a great week for captions. This week's winner, however, is kdborg. Terrific Sound of Music takeoff!

Congratulations to all who participated, you make this a very fun feature week in and week out. The winning reply appears beneath the photo, and you may scroll down to read the complete list of submissions.

Thanks to all, as always, for playing and for making Grey's Anatomy Insider the #1 Grey's Anatomy site online. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy!

Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Oh, Deer!

Izzie singing:
Doe, a deer, a female deer.
*zap* The deer has come alive.
Me, I really am that good.
Fa, you look so damned surprised.
So, you think I'm such a dud.
La, your egos are in mud.
Te, I'm laughing all inside.
That will bring us back to Doe

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Izzie: Ok, we have Bambi. Has anyone seen Thumper? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THUMPER IS? Interns: No, Dr. Stevens. Izzie: Well I need you to go find Thumper. And Thumper better be alive when you get back here. DO YOU HEAR ME? Interns: Yes, Dr. Stevens. Izzie: WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? MOVE, GO, NOW! RUN LITTLE INTERNS, RUN!


Intern #1: Oh, great, we're stuck with a vet.


Izzie: Seriously, it has been quite a year. First, I thought I was in love with the hockey player. Then there was Alex, but I did not love him either. I told Denny he made me love him, but I accidently killed him. It was George all along, but now he's married to Callie. And then I end up saving Bambi--I think I am in love with the little boy!


It's a season premiere miracle!


What happen?


Intern 1: I can't believe you're seriously going to try to fix that freakin deer! Just kill it and let the man and the boy eat it for goodness sakes. Dern! Izzie: You're a dud. Dumb head. This is just the first freakin episode of season 4 and you already have me thinking that you're a freakin dud. You may want to tighten up before I have to tighten you up myself. Intern 2: *mumbling* I would kill to have her tighten me up.


I mean seriously break-up sex and kiss how cheasy!


Izzie: Okay, now everybody back up-- I'm going to shock her now.
Intern 1: Um, Dr. Stevens? It's a deer.
Izzie: Back up and let me shock Bambi or I'll shock YOU.


I'd just like to place my vote for kdborg up above for the sound of music song "Doe a Deer" --- Genius!!! LMAO


Deer God!

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