Friday Night Lights Forum is Live!

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Every day counts. One night matters. Tonight is that night as Friday Night Lights returns for a second season. The long-awaited new episode, "Last Days of Summer," promises not to disappoint... and to shake things up.

You can discuss it with fellow Friday Night Lights fans before and after the show in our FORUM. Share your thoughts on your favorite players, the dark plot twist that everyone's talking about or anything else related to the best show on TV. Join an existing discussion or start your own!

Friday Night Lights Forum is Live!

After the show airs, Friday Night Lights Insider will post its official episode guide recapping the night's drama. We'll also compile a photo gallery, list of memorable quotes from tonight and a whole lot more. Thanks for visiting, and making us the #1 Friday Night Lights fan site online!

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Friday Night Lights Quotes

Coach: You may never know how proud I am of you.
Vince: You changed my life Coach.

I could tell you this kid right here's got more heart than almost any person you know.

Buddy Garrity

Friday Night Lights Music

  Song Artist
Muzzle of bees Muzzle of Bees Wilco iTunes
Song Evergreen The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Song Bang a Gong (Get it On) T. Rex