Five Ellen Pompeo Fun Facts

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Many Grey's Anatomy fans are aware of Ellen Pompeo's acting resume, as well as her great personality. But here are five fun facts about the actress you might not know - complete with her quotes at times - courtesy of People magazine ...

Ellen Pompeo in People

1. On her very first day playing Leonardo DiCaprio's lover in the movie Catch Me If You Can, Ellen Pompeo "had to have a simulated sex scene," she later told the Chicago Tribune. "I can't say it was difficult, but ... it was a little awkward, sex with Leonardo DiCaprio on my first day."

2. Before working with Ellen Pompeo in the 2002 film Moonlight Mile, Jake Gyllenhaal hit on her. "He wasn't Jake Gyllenhaal then," she told Playboy. "I didn't know what to say, because he'd come over with these compliments and he's much younger than I am. I just said, 'Well, maybe we'll work together someday.'"

3. When asked what famous woman would she like to make out with, Ellen Pompeo said, "Ooh! Angelina Jolie. She's gorgeous. Or Sandra Oh."

4. Ellen Pompeo isn't impressed with her newfound fame since Grey's Anatomy became huge. "I don't find acting to be a particularly noble way to make a living," she says. "I'm not saving anybody's life, I'm not a teacher, I'm not working for UNICEF. I don't think I'm some big deal."

5. Ellen Pompeo was famously Punk'd by TV prankster Ashton Kutcher in 2005. The set-up: A sexy waitress hit on her boyfriend (now fiance), Chris Ivery, who was in on it and tipped her $200 on Pompeo's credit card. Ellen Pompeo's flustered reaction: she threatened to gouge the waitress with a fork!

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I'm joining the EP love train,yayyy!!!! GA is not GA without my EP . and PD and SO. They're the reason I watch GA!


I ADORE HER SO awesome!


i totally love her!!!!! i hope other celebrities are as humble and simple as she is. keep it going girl! ^_^


Wow, she looks gorgeous in that picture!
And it's nice to hear that she recognizes that teaching is a "noble way to make a living." Majoring in education myself, it's great to hear that from someone as successful as her.
I applaud her, she is definitley a better person than those other celebrities out there.


Ellen is cute.. Can't wait for more Grey's Anatomy! Hey hafsa and Sam123, I know this is freaky but I have the same birthday too! I wonder how many years we are all apart.


Ellen is great.


Hiya Debs! hw are you, hope u are ok. Yeah i LOVED the 1st epi it was awesome!i have watched it many times already, talk about obsession, i am just hopeless. LOL! cant wait to watch the 2nd online tomorrow. Hey Sam123, i have the same birthday as ellen pompeo and u too!


I have the same birthday as her...November 10.


Hafsa long time no hear. What did you think of the prem of season 4´s GÀ?. I loved it. I´m very glad to say i think the old GA is back THANK GOD.


Seriously make out with Sandra Oh?! LOL XD


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