An Interview with Masi Oka

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Masi Oka certainly has no shame about being labeled a geek.

He discussed this and other issues during a recent interview with Radar Online. Here are a few highlights from the talk:

Q: Do you think that, thanks to you, geeks around the world now have an easier time of getting laid?
A: I think I can probably help give people confidence and help them be more open about expressing who they are. But I'm bad with women.

Q: Oh come on...
A: No, I'm pretty bad. But Heroes definitely helped me improve my social skills, and helped me not get rejected so much.

A Proud Geek

Q: Your character in Heroes, Hiro Nakamura, is the comic relief of a mostly dark show. He takes his superhero responsibilities seriously and has a clear vision of what's good and bad. Do you see morality in those black-and-white terms?
A: There are things that are black and white for me, but I'm always open to the possibility of looking at it from another person's point of view. What might be right for you may not be right for some. Oh God, I'm about to sing the Different Strokes song! [singing] A man is born, he's a man of means. What am I doing? I must be really tired.

But you know, it's the people who think differently that change the world. Even the villains, in their mind they were doing something right. In no way am I advocating Hitler, but he changed the world. For the worse, but in his mind he was changing it for the good. And I absolutely do not agree with what he did, but I'm open to the idea that there are thoughts out there like his.

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