Allan Heinberg on "The Heart of the Matter"

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You've watched the episode and shared your thoughts with our site, as well as with fellow fans, via comments and forum discussions. Now it's time to read what writer Allan Heinberg has to say about the newest Grey's Anatomy drama.

On the show's official writers blog, Allan has posted his thoughts on "The Heart of the Matter." Follow the link at the bottom for the full column. Excerpts below...


Not long ago, one of my smartest and most soulful friends found herself in the middle of a brutal divorce at exactly the same time my own ten-year relationship imploded. We were both wrecked, but we got through it by convincing ourselves and each other that with time and therapy, we'd be able to let go and move on.

A year and a half later, it still wasn't happening.

I mean, even if I was able to let go of all my anger and be grateful for the 10 years we had together, how was I supposed to get in touch with him after 16 months of terrible silence and say, "I forgive you"? What the hell does he care if I've forgiven him. He's probably already moved on and doesn't feel he needs it.

So what did I do? I did what most television writers do when they need the answer to one of life's unanswerable questions: I wrote a Grey's Anatomy episode about forgiveness and hoped to learn something along the way.

Chief Resident Material

George cheated on Callie. He did. He didn't mean to, exactly. George has proven himself to be a principled, loving person in the past. But in a moment of angry, drunken weakness, he fell into bed with his best friend and apparently fell in love with her, too. Then George lied to Callie about it. For a long time.

When he did finally tell Callie about his infidelity, he didn't say he was in love with Izzie. He told her he'd slept with her. Maybe because he didn't want to hurt Callie any more than he already had. Or perhaps because he was hoping she'd be the one to end the marriage so he wouldn't have to?

Instead, George got a response he'd never considered. Callie forgave him. For Callie, that's what you do - especially when you've made a lifelong commitment to someone - you forgive him. No matter what. That's what love's about, right?

So Callie forgave George. And George suddenly found himself paralyzed - unable to move - until it became clear that Callie, in fact, did not forgive George.

In spite of her best efforts, she'd been hurt, betrayed, and humiliated to the point where forgiveness was impossible. And she had no forgiveness for Izzie - even if Izzie seems to have finally realized that, while she and George may be the heroes of their own love story, in Callie's story, they're the bad guys.

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I think that Callie did the right thing when she confronted Izzy. I hope that we have more groovy episodes


It's getting annoying! People need to stop comparing the Meredith/Derek thing to George/Izzie...they were very different situations. Mer didn't know Der was married in the beginning; after she found out, she tried to stay away from him...and was very professional with Addie the entire time (loved how both women acted in that situation!). Also, Addie knew going into the "trying again" phase that Meredith and Derek had been together...and that Der had feelings for Mer. Yeah, then prom happened and was bad, but Derek ended the marriage right away after that...and he had already told Addie how he felt about Mer...the marriage was basically dead by this point, and everyone moved on as best they could. All people involved pretty much knew what they were involved in...weird, but oddly honest. With George/Izzie, she knew the FIRST time they slept together; drunk-as-an-excuse only extends so far. Iz had bad mouthed Callie both before and after he married her; she didn't support his decision and she was supposed to be his best friend (Mer supported and semi understood Der's decision to stay with Addie...even if it was stupid). And after they slept together, George continued to lie about it for a LONG time...he even went so far as to agree to have a BABY with Callie, when he knew he didn't want that. And Iz spent all her time questioning him about how he felt about her, what was going to happen next, and when he was going to leave his wife....and her interactions with Callie were either mean or fake-nice. In this case, Callie didn't have a clue as to what was going on, when Gizzie should have been honest with her if they "loved" each other as they thought they did. No matter how mad at her they were, she deserved to be treated with respect and honesty. As I said, completely different situations and reactions to them.


I thing that Izzie and geroge will make a good couple! Izzie gets George, she is his ´person´, and the fact is, he never should have married Callie! Not to mention so soon after his father's death, which he hadn't dealt with! The fact is marrying Callie was his way of not dealing with his father's death! It was rushed, and wrong on so many levals!
With or without the affair with Izzie that marriage would have never lasted! Not in the long run!
That being the case, Izzie and George have hurt and they should both have equal share of the quilt! As for Izzie being the outcast, that is wrong! She didn't force George into anything, in fact, Meredith did just the same with Derek and she wasn't as punished as that! In fact I seem to remember that Christina stood by her all the way, as did Alex, as did George, as did Izzie! Now they should do the same for Izzie!


I really think that Izzie n George would make a great couple! But they have been going through alot lately especially with Callie n Alex! eventually the whole hospital will noe about them...but they should work things out, and find a way to be together! It has been tough on Izzie n George, they must be so guilt stricken..which makes me worried for them! Callie has her reasons to act the way she did. They did deserve a "beating" from her, she is after all his wife! But...i want it over and done with. Gizzie needs to find peace and love!


I for one would like to see some happiness especially for Mer and Derek..and i think its even going to be even more of a remarkable extension of Derek's forgiveness if he continues to show Meredith that he loves her especially at this point in their relationship. THis is the beauty of grey's anatomy--the human-ness of their stories and the depthness of their emotions, and not some overly and superficially acted out drama.


im actually happy callie didnt forgive george. I was pissed when she said she forgave him and not izzie i mean they both did wrong things but even tough she loved him he was the one that was commited to her he was his HUSBAND the one that had the responsability to be faithful respectul and noy hurt her he was the one that cared about her because he is part of the marriage and izzie not so she may noy be affected as much for the situation as she doesnt even like callie but george hes the one who deserved the most not to be forgiven
for the fisrt time this episode i really felt bad for callie she didnt deserved that she seemed so lost so sad in the rain scene and at the end it must be terrible what shes going thru
i hope gizzie work it out because if george after all he did decides he feels "guilty" and cant be with izzie or just go back to callie after all that he did to her then im gonna be so pissed gizzie just have to be together they love each other theres no reason to keep posponing it and if they arent then theres just not going to be a good reason for that to happen


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