Allan Heinberg on "The Heart of the Matter"

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You've watched the episode and shared your thoughts with our site, as well as with fellow fans, via comments and forum discussions. Now it's time to read what writer Allan Heinberg has to say about the newest Grey's Anatomy drama.

On the show's official writers blog, Allan has posted his thoughts on "The Heart of the Matter." Follow the link at the bottom for the full column. Excerpts below...


Not long ago, one of my smartest and most soulful friends found herself in the middle of a brutal divorce at exactly the same time my own ten-year relationship imploded. We were both wrecked, but we got through it by convincing ourselves and each other that with time and therapy, we'd be able to let go and move on.

A year and a half later, it still wasn't happening.

I mean, even if I was able to let go of all my anger and be grateful for the 10 years we had together, how was I supposed to get in touch with him after 16 months of terrible silence and say, "I forgive you"? What the hell does he care if I've forgiven him. He's probably already moved on and doesn't feel he needs it.

So what did I do? I did what most television writers do when they need the answer to one of life's unanswerable questions: I wrote a Grey's Anatomy episode about forgiveness and hoped to learn something along the way.

Chief Resident Material

George cheated on Callie. He did. He didn't mean to, exactly. George has proven himself to be a principled, loving person in the past. But in a moment of angry, drunken weakness, he fell into bed with his best friend and apparently fell in love with her, too. Then George lied to Callie about it. For a long time.

When he did finally tell Callie about his infidelity, he didn't say he was in love with Izzie. He told her he'd slept with her. Maybe because he didn't want to hurt Callie any more than he already had. Or perhaps because he was hoping she'd be the one to end the marriage so he wouldn't have to?

Instead, George got a response he'd never considered. Callie forgave him. For Callie, that's what you do - especially when you've made a lifelong commitment to someone - you forgive him. No matter what. That's what love's about, right?

So Callie forgave George. And George suddenly found himself paralyzed - unable to move - until it became clear that Callie, in fact, did not forgive George.

In spite of her best efforts, she'd been hurt, betrayed, and humiliated to the point where forgiveness was impossible. And she had no forgiveness for Izzie - even if Izzie seems to have finally realized that, while she and George may be the heroes of their own love story, in Callie's story, they're the bad guys.

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