Shonda Rhimes: Derek Loves Meredith!

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After Shonda Rhimes and TV Guide's Michael Ausiello exchanged words about the critic's review of Private Practice, the producer of both shows gave him some hot scoop concerning the Grey's Anatomy embattled supercouple.

If you don't mind Grey's Anatomy spoilers, follow the jump to read her comments on Meredith and Derek, as well as another couple we know ...

"I want to be clear that Derek loves Meredith," Shonda Rhimes said, as if to put the debate over Lexie Grey to rest once and for all. "Derek loves Meredith more than anything. I can't imagine Derek going anyplace else other than Meredith."

And as if to butter up the TV Guide sleuth even more, the Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer handed him the biggest gift a Grey's Anatomy fan could ask for (at least in his opinion): a death certificate with O'Mizzie's name.

Oh, O'Mizzie

"A lot of people aren't sold on Izzie and George," Rhimes acknowledged. "I think the mistake that everyone makes is that we are telling you Izzie and George are the love story of the century; they're not the love story of the century. When other people find out about Izzie and George ... remember, people don't know about them yet â€" other people might think that's not a good idea either."

Lastly, on the red carpet, James Pickens Jr. teased that there will be some drama surrounding Richard's living situation (i.e., you won't believe who's moving in next door)! Interesting! Comments?

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How do I know george is a great kisser? Because didn't you see that elevator kiss? The way their faces just meet and their lips touch with their eyes close and they sort of lean into each other and then his hand goes tenderly on her neck and sort of caresses it. I just about died, that was one of the most sensuous thing I ahd ever seen and Izzie's face when George breaks it off shows just how much she was into it, her face is all red and she is all breathless. I have seen even people who don't like them say that kiss was one hot moment. Just take a look at the number of times it has eben put on Youtube and the comments on it, I am def. not the only one who thinks he is a good kisser. I liked Burke, too bad Isaah had to be an ass, because I loved Burke and George's friendship, I did hate how he ried to control ristina so much and change ehr. To me, that was abusive. I hate Derek, I hate how he won't forgive Mark no matter how hard Mark tries. I hate that he called Mer a whore after dumping her. I hate how he makes that girl in the bar comment to Lexie right in front of Mer who he knows is insecure. I do love Derek as a doctor. He is sweet and caring and gorgeous in those scenes. But I hate Derek the so-called McDreamy who treated two of my favorite female characters like dirt. I think Izzie loved Denny, but I think she loves George more and I think George is her soulmate. She never said Denny was the love of her life. She loved him deeply but they did not really know each other and who knows what would have happened if he lived.
I don't think she loved him as much as she loves George.


Ok Alicia how do you know that George is a great kisser? Give me a break! Your forgetting that during all that history that you Gizze fans are popping off is that during most of that time Izzie was supposed to be so in love with Denny, now I will agree that I thought Izzie has had a thing for George every since Callie came in the picture, but what about Denny. Wasn't he supposed to be the love of her life. I mean I don't really even like Izzie anymore because of all this. And I agree George used to be funny but know he is all depressed all the time. I'm sick and tired of watching him and Izzie give each other these long I'm so in love looks. I enjoyed both of their characters more in season one.
And I 100% stand beside my choice of McDreamy over George.
And I totally seriously miss Burke already.


ok so people who are saying thank you about mer and der are dumb. cuz obviously he loves and obviously they are gonna end up together. i mean what would friends be without ross and rachael, boy meets world without cory and topanga. they are gonna be together, we just gotta be patient. and i like george and izzie. its gonna be kinda hard to just put an end to it since she loves him.


the thing about O'Mizzie is -- and to me this is what matters -- every relationship is not about forever. Their relationship is not meant to parallel Meredith & Derek. They are both fighting to escape. It's not ideal and I can understand all points of view. me, their coupling, so to speak, is like life. Messy and not necessarily rational and goal oriented. It happens.


I like MerDer, but I find them a bit on the boring side, and all my friends pretty much feel the same way. That they are ok, but forgettable. I guess I don't mind them, I just don't really care about them at all. I love Meredith on her own, but Derek is a disgusting pig after the way he treated both Meredith and Addison. As for Meredith, she seems to love her friends like Cristina, George and Izzie more than she loves Derek. George and Izzie, to me, are perfect as they are best friends and lovers and they have fabulous chemistry. The timing is all off and I hate the affair, but if they can get George divorced and then have him and Izzie find their way to each other the rigth way and not too fast, I would love it. I want George to be alone for a while and then him and Izzie to find their way slowly to each other without his marriage or any lies hanging over them. They are funny, cute and so darn hot, that elevator kiss was wow! Who knew our cute little georgie was such an amazing kisser!


Derek might have been separated when he first slept with Mer, but when he slept with her at the prom, he definitely was married and had promised Addison he would be her husband full-time and he was committed to teir marriage. The prom thing happened after he called Mer a slut and pursued her for months, without an ounce of guilt. George has done his best to stay away from Izzie, despite the fact he loves her. He was even willing to never speak to any of his friends again so he would do the right thing. They slept together once while they were drunk and had the kiss. There is obviously a lot of evry deep feelings between George and Izzie and an intense physical attraction but George has done his best to respect his marriage wishes as he does not believe in divorce. It is obvious his heart belong with Izzie though. I'd pick Bambi over boring asshole Derek absolutely any day of the week. George has the sweetest, most adorable face and he is funny as heck. And I'd take cute, good kisser and sweet over supposedly hot anytime. Not to mention, George seems to be pretty good in bed as Callie thanked him profusely the first time they did it and Shonda described the Gizzie sex as the best sex both of them ever had in their entire lives. And let's not forget Olivia dumping Alex for George after their night together. Also, given Izzie's look when she saw george naked, he is pretty impressive down there, LOL. In fact, I would go out with George over any guy at the hospital. Alex and Mark are good eye-candy and not mch mroe I(and after seeing Alex's recent photos, he is not even that anymore).


So this is about George's looks? How shallow! And I'd dather George over McAss, oops McDreamy any day. Derek is the most boring character on the entire show. ASll he does is stand there and look handsome, yawn. The guy has no personality and no story without Meredith. George is funny, adorable, an amazing kisser, is sweet, smart and has a great big huge heart. Not to mention he has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. Derek has a cute face but that is about it, he does nothing for me. And Meredith and Derek have more history, LMAO. What history? The history where he met her drunk in a bar, took her home to have sex with her and proceeded to lie to her about being married. Or the history where he chose his wife over her after she pathetically begged him to pick her, choose her (that scene made me physically ill). And then after picking his wife, he ended up chasing after Meredith like a puppy, treating his wife like a dog and calling Meredith a whore when she tried to move on. Yes, what a dreamy dreamy guy! I had to laugh when in her interview on ABC, Ellen Pompeo said Cristina meant way more to her than Derek, LOL. Because I bet you, noone means more to Izzie than George. George is her best friend, her person and the guy she loves, he is definitely the one person who means the most to her in the entire world, and you cannot say that about Derek for Meredith. Meredith and Derek have a lot of sex, but most of the time, they don't even seem to like each other. So if you ave to compare. George and Izzie have more history, more friendship and just as much passion. After all, George is Izzie's penis fish.


I totally see the chemistry between George and Izzie. However the relationship is misplaced and ill-timed. The writers needed to jump on this bandwagon in season one.


I totally agree with BrightandShiny, George and Izzie are just like Will and Grace, no chemistry whatsoever. And to everyone that says this is just a show, we know that, but this is a Grey's Anatomy website where people can give their opinions, we just having a little fun discussing what we like and what we don't like, don't take it so seriously, SERIOUSLY! And once again for the record I cannot stand George and Izzie, and they should never be compared to Meredith and Derek. Mer/Der have way more history then Gizze and way more passion, and who would you rather have pining after you McDreamy or 007. Come on look at their nicknames, you have McDreamy and Bambi! Give me a break, no contest. Go Mer/Der, end Gizze. Its bad enough that we lost Burke and Addison, but don't make me sit through anymore of Gizze Shronda! I can't take it!


i tend to disagree. ever scince they hooked up i felt the chemestry. i never liked callie but she despratly loves gorge. i just happen to love izzy more. on the otherhand i feel so bad for derek. i hope merideth loved him. but of course, she has to, or the show would be terrible.

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