Round Table: "A Change is Gonna Come"

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Grey's Anatomy Insider is happy to announce the return of the Round Table!

While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character and story line, our staff members will come together each Friday to analyze key moments, developments and thoughts from each Grey's Anatomy episode.

Topics for "A Change is Gonna Come" range from Ms. Lexie Grey to Alex's new look, to some of the night's dramatic rescues and what we felt was missing ...

1. Should Derek be Mark's friend?

Derek Shepherd
McCritic: Yes. Mark knows how to reattach body parts. Maybe he could show Derek how to grow some ... you know.

iheartizzie: Hells no. Homeboy slept with Addison and tried to get Meredith in the sack. Don't buy the "it's just Mark" defense. Guy is bad news. Sexy, though.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Ideally, no, but with Burke and Addison gone and Meredith a little spacey at times, he's gotta hang with someone. I really miss Burke.

2. He said "I love you, too," but do George and Izzie stand a chance?

iheartizzie: Regardless of how you feel about O'Mizzie as a couple, their cover hasn't been blown yet. The surely negative backlash they face is going to put an entirely different spin on things, I believe.

AndYouveGotTheHair: I know I'm in the minority, but I don't despise these two as a couple. There is good chemistry there, great acting on behalf of both Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight. Sure, George is married and Callie hasn't done anything to deserve this, but you can't control who you fall for. George clearly wants to do the right thing... he just doesn't know what that is, it seems.

McCritic: Not if there's a God in heaven. Or a writer with a quarter of a brain.

3. Save of the Day: Derek / Cristina with the spinal cord patient, Izzie with the deer, or Lexie with George's psyche?

AndYouveGotTheHair: You have to hand it to the new Ms. Grey on this one. Without going over the line with someone she doesn't even know, she got George to stop whining in a way that really was kind of awesome.

McCritic: Lexie. It's nice to see one Grey sister can worry about more than just herself. (Note to Meredith lovers: BRING IT!)

iheartizzie: Gotta go with Isobel. While it was the least remarkable in terms of skill (how much research does it take to deliver a massive electric shock), that deer was the cutest of the creatures needing saving. George has nothing on a real-life Bambi. Also, how great was Izzie's reaction when it worked?

Oh, Deer!

4. Alex's facial hair: Yay or Nay?

McCritic: A stronger "Nay" than the answer a horse gives when asked if he wants to visit the glue factory.

iheartizzie: Eh?

AndYouveGotTheHair: Yay!

5. What was your least favorite part of the premiere?

AndYouveGotTheHair: The way Lexie chose to drop the latest bomb on Mer. In the middle of a medical crisis! As if anyone would be so self-absorbed as to do that. Then again, her surname is Grey ...

McCritic: The status of the Chief and his relationship with Adele. Didn't he realize last season he needed to dedicate himself to his marriage? Didn't these two make up during the best moment of the season finale? Wasn't there a drawn-out story line focused on his replacement?

iheartizzie: The episode's title. Instead of "A Change is Gonna Come," they missed a great opportunity to go with "Change is Gonna Come... Out of That Dude's Abdomen!" Come on, Shonda. There was, what, $2.35 in there?

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Just a little question, Lynn, are you a Meredith and Derek fan because they didn't respect the institution of marriage too much when they had prom sex? Or a fan of Alex who went after Ava at the end of the season knowing she was married? Or a fan of the chief who cheated on his wife for years? Give me a break about cheating, this is a TV show. I find it funny that some Americans are so gung-ho about cheating but when Burke and Cristina could have easily KILLED patients, they say nothing at all against them. I think risking patients' lives is much worse than having a one-night sand with someone you are IN LOVE with. But hey, that is just me. Americans watch The Sopranos and root for those characters, yet adultery is such a big no-no. Weird! So are you of the opinion someone should stay in a marriage that has been a mistake since day one, a marriage that doesn't make him happy? Because I think this would be evern worse. George loves Izzie, not Callie, and If Callie ahd not taken advantage of his emotional state, they would not even have been married. So I am all for George and Izzie.


Fans of Grey's Anatomy who don't like the Gizzie pairing aren't haters. They have respect for the institution of marriage and want George to live up to his honor and do the right thing! Izzie is just trailer trash and says so herself! Ok, so we don't expect much from her, but George - like Burke said last season - George expects so much from people, he holds them and himself to a higher standard. Izzie is just selfish, selfish, selfish. She is still the "pretty girl" who thinks she can always get her way. She doesn't care about breaking up a marriage, or pulling George down to her level, because she WANTS him! What a sleaze she is! What a great actress Katherine Heigl is to make her character so despicable!


I hope the writers of the show don't read these comments and let themselves be influenced. They should continue the story in the same way they have been telling it until now. It's perfect! We just have to be patient.


I missed the first episode, but have read a few recaps of it & it sounds like I didn't miss much.


I also love george and Izzie, and no longer think we are the minority. They are just so cute together and they ave amazing chemistry together, which I was shocked about given their very close friendship, but TR and Katie said their close friendship is the reason why doing love scenes is so easy for them. They do a fantastic job because they have me totally believing that George and Izzie have fallen completely in love with each other and that maybe they were always a little bit in love with one another. I feel bad for Callie but some marriages are just a mistake that need to be ended.


Another point I forgot to make in reference to I ♥ Gizzie's note that "Alex is attacked by 'Ava's' husband and the baby goes missing"...that is not Ava's husband. Ava's husband was played by Jason London, who this man is clearly not, and Ava had a baby girl. The man in the clip says he loves his "son."


The scene with Mark and Derek was hysterical!! Both actors did a great job at keeping a straight face...I would've lost it! I absolutely love George and Izzie and most people I know do too. I can't wait to see where this storyline is going. As far as the spinal cord patient, how does a man who is basically decapitated other than skin and muscle have any brain activity to blink to answer questions?!


Avid watcher but this Thursday needed help. Maybe its me but seems that its tough enough to keep up with maybe a dozen characters but now each of the 5-6 major characters have 4-5 new characters to follow them around and I really think they had to have a better way to treat them then like the trash they did. Hope that gets better. And what's with Izzy saving a deers life. A little too much "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" to shock a deer and he stands right up and gets taken away to who knows where. Is this the same fiance' killing Izzy that we all know and love (just kidding). Well i hope they get it better next week. To the writers, look at the shows that made it for years and years. A few dozen main characters and a few repeat characters that keep returning every once in a while to keep us sane and thats it, Look at MASH. Just like that KISS simple and build up. Hate to loose Grey's Anatomy because it gets too complicated and doesn't run together well.


GREY's will drop in the ratings without Burke. I mean, can you really expect the show to survive the perpetual meanderings of stupid Izzie (who falls in love with somebody different EVERY season and is a HUGE flake), dumb George (who's obviously gay on the show, too), and flighty Grey who has more drama than ABC Daytime. Please. The writers seriously need to re-examine the show. The Premiere sucked, and I'm one less viewer you'll have this season. All the more reason to watch NBC.


Don't like too many stories at the same time!! also so many commercials!! yikes!!
Izzie is annoying!! cockey!! The name of the serie is Grey's no Stevens'...
Burke was important... who is going to give POWER to Xtina??? or the rest of the girls!
The serie has to go back to its roots: being different from ER!!! (showing the arm cut was awful!!!)
George should explode!!
I want to see more time between MerDer!!!!!
UF! feel better after speaking up!

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