Patrick Dempsey Happy to Be Back

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Happy Patrick
He may not be getting much sleep these days, but Patrick Dempsey is having a ton of fun with fatherhood - and filming Season Four of Grey's Anatomy.

The actor tells Extra that his 6-month-old twin sons, Darby and Sullivan, "are developing beautifully ... It's a lot of fun."

It's a sentiment he echoes when asked about filming the latest installment of his hit TV show: "It's a lot lighter, people are having more fun."

"The energy and the adjustments make a big difference," he says.

Last year, on-set turmoil that finally led to the departure of Isaiah Washington cast a pall over much of the season.

Regardless of how people feel about that incident, fans will surely echo Dempsey's sentiment about moving on and getting back to business.

Definitely pumped to be back at Seattle Grace, Patrick declared to Extra, "I'm just excited to go save some lives again!"

Patrick Dempsey, 41, who races cars on the Hyper Sport racing team, plans to have the twins (and daughter Talula, 5) driving "soon enough."

"You can get those little go carts," he says, smiling, but adds that there'll be "no pressure" for them to race like dad.

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Hey hey check this vid!! Patrick wearing the orange bracelet on his right arm??? (Remember his visit to Addison Sewell in the hospital, where he promised to wear a 'stay strong' bracelet in the second episode of season 4!!) It would be sooo nice if he would not forgotten it during the filming of the scenes!!


By the way, in the last vid, there's also an interview with McSteamy, and Ellen (Degeneres) asks him to take of his shirt :p


Yeah seems like MerDer will have some probs.. I found another vid from the new season where Mcsteamy talks to Derek about Mer:


emm..... what the hell..


Oh My God! The new promo is a little bit dissapointing... What about the promo where they kiss? Seemed to be in the exact same scene where Derek tells her she's not ready...Maybe they DO kiss and make up after all!:D:D:D


Oh yeah! I am so glad Patrick is happy to be back at work on GA for the 4th season. It sounds as if things are going well on the set and they are having FUN again! Sounds like we have a great season ahead for us!


oh know....those promos make you wonder alittle about Mer/Der. Maybe when Derek says you're not ready for this and it shows Meredith justing standing there...she will speak up and say YES I AM! Surely, Shonda is not messing with ours heads where Mer/Der are concerned! Lets hope not. Has everyone seen the Extra clip with Lexie being interviewed? OMGosh.....they ask her about hooking up with McDreamy and she says maybe she will and maybe she won't......and she is actually hoping she will because she kinda has a crush on Patrick ALREADY! Not too happy about that Miss Lexie...check it out on you tube......


We need more fun. I hope this means Derek and Meredith are back were they need to be. That was one of his complaints from last season.


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