Heroes Round Table: Four Months Later

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Welcome to the Heroes Round Table.

While fans of the show gather in the

Worse drunk: Nathan or Takezo Kensei?
Timex: Definitely Nathan. Takez is your friendly town drunk. Nathan? He's just kind of a pathetic, drown your sorrows kind of drunk. No one likes a sad drunk.

Mr. Sulu: Depends upon your definition of worse. Nathan appears worse, but the unintentional comedy of his drinking-induced beard is off the charts. Besides, what possible angle could Takezo Kensei being British bring to the show?

A. Hiro: Kenzei. He's harming more than himself by drinking on the job. Who does he think he is, Dr. Gregory House? Until you've diagnosed at least three patients while on Vicodin, Takezo, keep the drugs away from work. At least Nathan isn't in office as he drowns himself at the bottom of a bottle.

What are your feelings on West? Will he turn out to be good or evil?
Mr. Sulu: Who's West? Oh, he's the guy who was hitting on Claire in high school. Right. Three "flyers" (not the hockey team) is too many, so let's hope he's evil and gets killed. I already miss the one-ability-per-hero-unless-you-are-Peter-Petrelli-or-Sylar angle.

A. Hiro: See answer to the first question. And then run for cover, everyone. Especially older Asian men on roofs.

Timex: Oh there's definitely something off about West. Of course, I probably only dislike him out of jealousy. Hayden's mine, back off!

What Happened?
Which will happen first: Claire joins the cheerleading team or Peter gets his memory back?
Timex: Claire's definitely joining the cheerleading team next episode. I mean, we've gone an entire episode without seeing her in a cheerleading outfit. That's terrible! As for Peter, I'm pretty sure since he had the Haitian's necklace around him - therefore, the Haitian wiped his memory for good.

A. Hiro: Gimme a "C"... gimme an "L"... gimme an "A"... gimme an "I think Claire joins the cheerleading squad next week."

Mr. Sulu: I think we closed the door on Claire joining the cheerleading team with the season premiere. In fact, I doubt we'll see many more shots of her in school. Obviously her father's efforts to "be normal" are going to be in vain and that means no cheerleading. Besides, robots cheerlead, not aliens (honestly, robots and aliens? that's the best they could come up with? And who hits on a girl by asking if they're a robot or an alien?)

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