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Callie and George (at the same time): I have to tell you something.
Callie: Ok. Let me go first. I slept with McSteamy.
George: .... (speachless)
Callie: You know? Mark Sloan? The very hot plastic surgeon? The one who looks like a greek god?
George: Really? You sure are a lucky lady!... So? Tell me EVERYTHING!!!


George: " When you look at me that way, I just know you have dirty in your eyes- wanna get it on in the on call room?"
Callie: "No, I have DIRT trapped in my eye behind my contact- can you help me get it out?"


Callie: George

George: Yeah

Callie: I'm not in love with you anymore

George: Well I was never in love with you either. I just needed another women, any women actually to help me get over Mer


callie: I've noticed that you've been paying more attention to Izzie than you have to me. And that got me thinking....

George: It got you thinking about what?

Callie: You think she's in to threesomes?


My last two comments were in reference to the songs Breathe in Breathe Out by Matt Kearny and 1234 by Feist.


Callie: One Two Three Four, tell me that you love me more. Sleepless long nights, that is what my youth was for.
George: That's the definiton of our marriage.


George: Breathe in breathe out... Callie! I'm Serious!


Callie: Are you doing anything tonight?

George: Yes, I am.

Callie: Really now? What exactly are you doing?

George: I am going to sit on the couch at Meredith's house,eat a big meatball sub with no pants on, and watch either Bionic Woman or Private Practice.

Callie: Why would you watch those shows?

George: Well, Bionic Woman has the word 'woman' in it and I'm hoping there is a pretty hot woman in it; and Addison is in Private Practice and she's already hot!


Callie: Oh, George. You are so naive! How could you think those black panties were mine? Meredith and I have totally different body shapes!

George: I don't know. I thought they were 'one size fits all.'


Callie: "George...we need to talk."

George: "Yeah, we do. Izzie and I did it once, it was a mistake, and there's nothing going on. It's over."

Callie: "Oh, I was actually going to say that I lost my panties, had SEX with IZZIE?"

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