Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXXII

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It's Monday, and that means back to work and school. Fortunately, it also means the Caption Contest - a weekly tradition here at Grey's Anatomy Insider, now in its 72nd uninterrupted week. Let's take a look at who won this week's!

It was very tough to pick a winner with all the terrific entries we got this week, especially from mckatie, xindy, Jenny, Lex, and Ally.

But ultimately, we chose the caption by She'sGotMyMcLife. Terrific job! The winning caption appears beneath the photo. Scroll down the page to read all of the entries we received, and good luck again this week.

As always, thanks so much for playing our Caption Contest and for making Grey's Anatomy Insider the #1 Grey's Anatomy site online.

Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

McSister and McDreamy

Lexie: Hey, I'm so confused. It's my first day and I'm so lost. Can you show me where the on-call rooms are?
Derek: Yeah, sure. Why do you have to go there anyway?
Lexie: I was paged by Dr. Sloan â€" I'm supposed to meet him there, but I don't know why.

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Derek: And I.... will always looooove youuuuuuuuuu!
Lexie: I loved that movie!
Derek: The Bodyguard is my favorite movie!
Lexie: The bodyguard? I ment Moulin Rouge. I just wanted to be like Nicole Kidman in that movie!
Derek: She was a courtesan!
Lexie: Huh?
Derek: She was a whore!!!


Derek: Hi there, Lucy!
Lexie: I´m lexie, Lexie grey. We met at the bar, remember?
Derek: Oh, I remember. And I know perfectly well that you´re Lexie, Meredith´s half-sister.
Lexie: Then why did you call me Lucy?
Derek: It´s like a nickname, short for Lucifer. Satan left, Lucifer arrived. Just my luck!


Derek: "So, do you take VISA?"


lexie: hi im lexie, merideths half sister!
derek: yeah i know and i dont care about you @ all
lexie: seriously??


I still hate this pic, but I'll try, with McDreamy's evil plan haha Derek: I told you that's wasn't going to work, now you can't close your mouth and have your teeth glued together
Lexie (between her teeth): But it was my dentist recomendation!, and he is always right
Derek (rolling his eyes): Oh God Good, and you seriously are a doctor?
Lexie (still between her teeth): I believe in people, ok?
Derek: Yeah, and you believe in the tooth fayry and Santa too...
(Lexie is shocked and starts to cry)
Lexie: what?, Santa doesn't exist??
Derek: Crap!, you didin't know? (Lexie shakes her head, still crying) oh, come on, look at the bright side, at least I fixed your teeth (she looks at him with an "oh my god you can't be serious" look on her face and he smiles proudly, then she walks away totally pissed off at him)
Derek (with an evil grin): haha, get rid of her was too easy, now let's convince Meredith I'm not a McBastard


Lexie and Derek... that makes me vomit a little in my mouth


Lexie: Hi. My name's Lexie. And you are...? Derek: My name's Derek and I have a thing for ferryboats... Meredith (watching from the side): Oh boy... Here we go again...


Derek (to self): Shit, your Meredith's sister. Could my life get worse? Lexi (to self): Cute, but this is work. I must learn from Meredith's mistakes. Dad has nothing positive to say about her these days. Derek: Well, good luck. Lexi: Thanks


Lexie: Hi, remember me?
Dereck: Of course I remember you. Joe's??
Lexie: Yah. I'm Lexie Grey.
Dereck: Serioiusly??
Lexie: Yeah. What's so odd?
Dereck: Nothing. Seriously, Nothing. I gotta go.


Mckatie and McDreamylover are brilliant!!! (PS: check this vid!! Is Patrick wearing the orange bracelet on his right arm???
(Remember his visit to Addison Sewell in the hospital, where he promised to wear a 'stay strong' bracelet in the second episode of season 4!!)
It would be sooo nice if he would not forgotten it during the filming of the scenes!))

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