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Izzie: You know that cartoon where a bear sees an empty picnic table and it turns into a turkey with lines of deliciousness coming off of it?
Cristina: Yeah, and then it gets syphillis?


(Voiceover) Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix.


Christina: WHO FORGOT TO PUT THE COOKIES OUT FOR SANTA!? He is pretty mad!

Izzie: What are you talking about Christina? Have you gone physco on us?

George: (drunk) HAHA Santa partied with Georgie last night.

Christina: You ate them didn't you? You ate the freakin cookies didn't you George?

George: Georgie didn't eat Santa's cookies. Georgie no want to be put on naughty list.

Izzie: He had a couple shots of tequila this morning...

George: A couple? Haha that's funny. We should be a couple. We would be a cute couple. Come on Iz. You know you want me.

Christina: Shut up Bambi. So who forgot the freakin cookies?!!!!


"Maybe we cut out his heart just like in Pirates and put it in a chest, Then we wont have to hear about anymore heart breaks."


Last One - I Promise...

Christina: "He's gonna blow, Izzie."

Izzie: "Is she right, George?"


Izzie: "I tell you I love you, George, and you decide to stuff too much food in your mouth? Why?"

George: Garbles something ("I can't talk with food in my mouth, blond one.")

Christina: "Wait, start over, you love Bambi -- like that? Ewww!"


Izzie: "I just wanted you to use your words, George. I didn't want you to stuff your face to avoid me."

Christina: "Bambi still likes to act like he's in Jr. High"


Izzie (about Alex): I'm telling you, Meredith was all over him.
Cristina: Seriously, she was all over him? What, like mounting him, with all the babies watching? Seriously?
Izzie: Well, she would have been if I hadn't interrupted.
George: She was talking to him.
Izzie: You don't talk to bastards who cheat on their girlfriends, George. That's the rule.
George: You weren't officially his girlfriend.
Izzie: That's not the point.
George: It is kind of the point. You don't see me getting all emotional over people I'm not dating.
Izzie: Really?! You want to go there?! (ominous looks all around)
George: No.
Izzie: I'm having a moment here. Don't mess with me.
Cristina: You're not gonna have a nervous breakdown and kill yourself are you?
Izzie: No.
Cristina: So there's no chance you'll kill us?
George: Oh, that was wrong on so many levels.
Cristina: And so good.
George: That was. That was good.
(Cristina laughs)


Cristina: IZZIE! You forgot to tell him!
Izzie: Oh no... Um, George, the clinic was out of urine sample cups
George *spitting the drink out*: oh... my... god...


Christina: Guys, I have to right my vows!
Izzie: Don't bother. George told me that Burke is going to leave you at the alter.

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