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Mel i would say George and Izzie have the best friend vibe i dunno about brother & sister

Seriosuly haha


CAllie & George forever!!!!


Ohh it seems like everyone likes George & Izzie but seriosuly i can't stand any romatic scenes they have together!! it is just wrong it makes me feel icky.
i know Callie and George are complete opposites btu she brought out the better in him. i so hope they make it work!!

p.s ive been reading in blogs that Shonda isn't going to pursue George and Iziie anymore :p


Whats this crap about George and Izzie being like brother and sister? I would NEVER EVER speak to my brother in that way and we're very close. We wouldn't joke about sex and masturbation and stuff like Izzie and George. I would NEVER use his toothbrush, walk in on him in the shower and despite his protests keep doing it. I wouldn't parade around in my underwear in front of him, and I most certainly would NOT have sex with him whether we were drunk or not! (oh, and I wouldn't be jealous of his wife or kiss him in elevators)



I love Gizzie! From the moment I first watched Grey's as an ignorant 12 year old, it was the episode where Izzie and George shared the left over food, I knew they'd get together eventually.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Callie/George at first, but my reaction to them getting married was like, "What??" -- They rushed into it. Whatever they had just fizzled, and when George was explaining to the chief "You can love someone and not want to be with them, just the same as you can be with someone and not love them" ,(after the psychatrist pointed out they clearly loved each other) it won me over as a Gizzie fan.


I love Callie, she's my favourite character and I loved George and Callie! I always thought something was going to happen between Izzie and George, and to people who think it came out of nowhere, really, it didn't. If you have half a brain and no sense of denial you would have seen it coming as early as mid-season one. It became more apparent there was more to Izzie/George than just friendship, or best friends. Come on, Izzie being jealous of Callie... in a friendly way? Come on.

Now I love Callie/George, and as much as I'd love them to work out, I know the connection between George/Izzie is much stronger and way more interesting. They're in love!

Deal with it. It's television.
Get a life and watch the damn show, coz opinions wont keep you warm at night.


Why DID Izzie and George have to get together??

and WHAT exactly was the point of george MARRYING callie??didn't he even say he didn't believe in divorce??

what a waste. and that first episode was just a waste completely.

pluis it is very sad that izzie has to smoke too.


No more dark and twisty for Meredith. She needs to finally find real love and comittment, which only Derek can provide. We need a love baby on the show. Derek and Meredith should have one together. I would like to see Izzie and George as good friends again. It seems so awkward for them to make a love connection. Callie and George have no chemistry at all. I could see Alex in a relationship with Lexi. Please keep Dr. Bailey in charge. Callie does not have what it takes to run the show.


YEAAAAA! Finally, Mer/Der lovin''s been a long wait & Shonda you really came through. Definitely worth the wait!


I love george and Izzie, they are the best thing on this show. Callie and George have zero chemistry and Callie should be with a guy who loves her. George's heart belongs to Izzie. It was clear in Time after time when George watched Izzie watching Hannah and said she is a heartbreaker (it was so clear he was talking about Izzie). The way he lookd at her send chills down my spine, so beautiful. I think everyone would want a guy to look at them like that. I fell ehad over heels for them that day. I love how Izzie makes George happy and proud of himself, Callie never did that. And love how just being near George can make Izzie light up like a Christmas tree. They are the most beautiful couple on TV. Just gorgeous.


I doubt we are the minority too. I see a lot more fans than haters along the board and everyone I know offline is completely in love with those two. I have seen people who used to be haters that are now big fans of them.

On bot Fanforum and Livejournal, Gizzie has the biggest fan community, bigger than MerDer and I am seeing new fans pop up every day.

Shonda would be stupid to drop such a great couple that obviously has a deeper love than anyone on that show just to please a few loudmouth haters.

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