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First Promos For "Love/Addiction"

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Here's the promo that ABC aired immediately following "A Change is Gonna Come," advertising next Thursday's episode "Love/Addiction." From Alex getting decked at the hospital to a surprise appearance by Mrs. Burke to some serious S&M (sex and mockery), it looks like there will be plenty going on in this episode!


Follow the jump for ANOTHER PREVIEW of "Love/Addiction" - one that is not only different, but steamier - that has been appearing on CTV ...


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I love your ideas, aclark. I adore George and Izzie and think they are meant to be together, but I do believe the adultery is turning some people off (less than before though as I have noticed the Gizzie fans seem the majority now). So I opt like you for he and Callie to separate because they were an abominable mistake from the start and they seem to have no fans. The only people rooting for them are the people who think all marriages, even horrible unhappy ones, should be saved or Gizzie haters. Gizzie has a much bigger fanbase despite the affair. After that, he and Izzie could tell each other they love one another but take it slow. Go on dates, court, do little romantic things, talk, but not jump into bed right away. After a while, they could take the next step. I want a real love scene this time, not a two-second one, and I want it to happen when he is free from Callie. As for Alex and Izzie, I am sorry, but they were terrible, which is probably whu Shonda dropped them. They both looked hot and all, but this is way too shallow a reason to want a couple together. Same thing for Mark and Izzie, some people just seem to want to pair off all the hot actors together even if it doesn


im sorry it seems like everyone is know a fan of George and Izzie but i still have hope that Izzie and Alex could get back toegther!!
I think they are so good for each other!!!
And im not sure what George will do maybe he and Callie could make it work again.
I'd rather see George and Izzie joking around again not MAKING OUT!


What happened to Cristina? I want her to be happy. I want to see more of her being really a brilliant surgent in the show.
I like Burk also. I wish he's back on the show. You just don't kill the person off because of, well, whatever.
With Lex, there's new girl for the guys. What happen to new hot guys for the girls? Shouldn't Meredith and Cristina have some new hot interest?


I was just wonder if anyone knows WHY there´s NOT gonna be any more MD recaps put on youtube?. Because i really LOVE watchinng. And i think thid season will be the best one yet.


I honestly LOVE the George/Izzy pairing. I just think the timing of bringing them together was ridiculous. It is Callie being in the picture that tends to turn people off from it soooo much. But I think it is an accurate representation from life, that you can not always control how things happen. However, seeing as it is a tv show, they need to realize that things like a 3 way adultery love triangle may not be the way to get some sensitive fans on your side. The best recoup at this point, I think would be to seperate george/callie, slow things down from both george and izzie angle (let them play the "we've been hurt before, lets take it slow", part) and then have a george/callie "we were never really right for each other in that way, we both made mistakes, lets be friends now and forget the past" moment. After which developing the izzie/george love story would be more acceptable to the masses i believe.


What does Sex and Mockery mean?


MerDer is just perfect ;)
At first, I didn't like Gizzie, I wanted George to stay with Callie, but now I changed my mind... They're cute together, even though George doesn't 'fit' with Izzie. Maybe it's because I don't like Callie that much. But T.R & Katerine are such a wonderful a wonderful actors :)


LOL, Mel, I totally agree. I am a big Gizzie fan and never thought they were like siblings. I talked to my brother, who btw hates them about the sibling comment, and eh started to laugh. He said get real, siblings don't joke about doing each other like George and Izzie do. Or joke about masturbation. He said if you talked about it with me, I would have you checked out, LOL. He might hate them but he saw them coming before I do, he said it is really obvious they are more than friends way back ins season 2. People who thought they came out of nowhere obviously were not paying any attention at all or didn't want to say it. Chemistry is subjective but I think they have the ebst chemistry on the show. I might be the only one, but MerDer does nothing for me. Give me Gizzie any day of the week.


@ christine go: Great comment , I totally agree. Looking for sexual chemistry? Watch Mer/Der, they rule. Long live Mer/Der!!!