Katherine Heigl, Nancy Heigl to Launch New Production Company

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Katherine Heigl: MogulKatherine Heigl, who became a resident at the end of last season's Grey's Anatomy, will also be taking on a new role in real life.

The actress and her mother and manager, Nancy Heigl, will join the ranks of Will Smith, Madonna and Drew Barrymore by forming their own production shingle, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The first project at the newly formed company is an untitled action-comedy with Fox.

Katherine Heigl herself will star in the project, for which the plot is currently under wraps. A search for writers is underway.

Heigl has appeared in a number of forgettable films including Valentine, Bride of Chucky and The Ringer. Katherine hit the jackpot this year, though, with the Judd Apatow project Knocked Up opposite Seth Rogen.

An Emmy nominee this year for Grey's Anatomy, Heigl became a bona fide film star with Knocked Up, which has grossed more than $145 million.

She is also set to star in the Fox romantic comedy 27 Dresses, which is scheduled for release in January. In 27 Dresses, scheduled for release in January 2008, Heigl will be playing Jane, a young woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times - and wonders if she'll have to stand by in an ugly dress again while her sister marries the man that Jane secretly loves.

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Is Katherine related to movie star Mary Castle? I just saw the movie "Gunsmoke" and the resemblance is remarkable!


Hey you MJ above, who exactly do you like on this show? because it seems to me you only post hash comments. Seriously, its not nice.


It would be great if she leaves the show! I'm sure she thinks she's too famous for the show.


i realy wish cristina and burk were together. there awsome together. but i guess according to shanda Rhimes, its not possible.


I dont think izzie will ever live the show. For starters, she is not that stupid, this show is what really made her famous (even though she was a model since 9), she is smart enough to know what damage she would cause if she left, especially when she knows all about show biz.
I also think she is aware that if she breaks any contract, no producer/writer/company will trust her any more. Yes, there is no doubt that, she wants it all at the same time, but apart from that, there is no way she is leaving grey's. So you guys stop panicking.


I don't understand this, but if izzie is off the show i will SCREAM trust me you don't want to hear me scream.


omg she doesn't!! i love katherine soooooo much!!!!! i really don't think she would do that stuff. she just seems so sweet. and in interviews she sounds so nice!!! but of course i could be wrong too thats just my opinion.


I dont know why, i always think Kathy is too ambitious and wants it all. And i think she will go to any length to get what she wants no matter who gets hurts. Of course i might be wrong, its just a thought.


I was joking, thats why i said 'jokes, lol!'


I agree with others on pro-Katie comments, and that's not the whole article. The whole article could be found on the Hollywood Reporter. That one came from Zap2it just due to the snarky comments in the middle of it because The Ringer actually was a finanical success, and suprisely so was The Bride of Chunky(though that one can definitely be forgettable lol).

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