Hayden Panettiere Talks Blood, Guts, Heroes Season Two

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On a conference call with reporters this morning, Hayden Panettiere provided a great deal of insight into our favorite show.

For starters, the young actress will be jetting across Europe as part of the Heroes world tour. She's most excited about visiting. Considering that the show's second season is currently in full production, this may mean less Claire Bennet in the initial episodes.

Save Me, Save the World
When we do see the cheerleader, however, it may not be the same sunny, homecoming queen-type stereotype of a character we were treated to last season. Panettiere said there would be a bit more behind Claire this year than in the past - which makes sense, based on what she's gone through.

Oddly enough, Hayden also said she's love to go all Sylar on viewers. The idea of playing a villain appeals to her.

"In the show, anything is possible. You never know what is going to happen. I doubt it, but anything is possible."

During the call, Hayden was actually watching the Heroes DVD box set and marveling over the sheer number of extras involved on it. She's a good little PR vixen for a DVD that's being billed as one of the most fan friendly sets in the history of television, replete with more commentaries and extras than other series.

In closing, Panettiere responded to a question about all the blood and guts on the show - especially considering how she got messier than most actors on the show. What was it like to work with all those prosthetics?

"It was sticky," she said. "It's basically corn syrup, and red dye, and you can imagine what that does to your body after ten hours of working. It was most fun when me and [Milo Ventimigilia] got to do it together, and got to get sticky together.

Then you have directors like Greg Beeman who like to go overboard with the blood. I just remember seeing him with that blood bottle in his hand and looking at me like he was going to attack."

And, don't worry, lovers of gore: Claire will be taking advantage of her ability even more in season two.

"The longer she has it and the farther it goes, the less she is conscious of it, the less she notices that she can't do certain things. Trust me, you will see plenty of blood. Plenty of snaps, pops, and crackles."

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