Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Meredith's Intern

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ABC's Grey's Anatomy makes it's way back September 27 with a bunch of changes. The season premiere is titled "A Change is Gonna Come," in fact.

Indeed, Kate Walsh is off to an ABC spin-off called Private Practice and gone is Isaiah Washington to Bionic Woman (and eventually his own series) with NBC.

So what's up with Grey's Anatomy? Us Weekly reports that executive producer Krista Vernoff says expect loads of drama. For one, she dishes on an intern that will be under Meredith Grey's tutelage this season.

Follow the jump for a picture of Mer's new intern ...

George O'Malley: Still an Intern

That's right, it's none other than George O'Malley!

George (T.R. Knight), dealing with a bizarre love triangle and the fallout from failing his intern exam, is going to be under the guidance of none other than his former crush (and one-night lover), Meredith.

"He's going to be Meredith's intern!" Krista Vernoff admits.

Also off to a rough start in Season Four is Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), who comes back from her honeymoon - she brought Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) with her - to find that ex-fiancée Dr. Burke is nowhere to be found.

Lastly, according to Sara Ramirez (Callie), "I don't want to tease about anybody else's character, because I don't want anyone getting mad at me, but my character, Callie Torres, is finally going to admit to herself what's going on with the relationship with George, and she's going to do something about it."

Interesting stuff! What do you think?

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George and Callie, God i hope they end that sad excuse of a marriage.


So long as that lexie bit** stays away from McDreamy, well all be fine.


omg cant wait love it callie o'malley should do something about george and izzie!


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO If George and Callie break up I'll stop watching, they REALLY messed up last season with the whole Gizzie thing and this is just going too far, Callie is supposed to have a baby George, be cheif and live happy, the writers are screwing this all up for me and fellow Myspace Roleplayers!


OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!


that picture of George is so cute.


i can't believe that they're all (except George :() residents now! i dunno, it's like when you mention meredith, izzie, alex and cristina i think of them as THE interns. the greedy, begging, surgury hungry suck-ups. Bailey's suck-ups. now they're just like Bailey!!! it's just weird that the whole series they've been known as the interns. and all of a sudden, they're in charge! it's actually kinda sad.
i liked them as interns.
and i hope meredith and derek's relationship survives. i really really hope more than anything that they will be happy together soon. like they used to be in the 3rd season when they were still together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG i swear if derek starts something with lexie, i think ill cry. have you seen the preview where he says to lexie "you're the girl from the bar" and meredith says "IM the girl from the bar" ugggh i want them to be together soooo badly, i really hope they work out. i think george should at least TELL callie that he cheated, i know thats bad but he really needs to. does anyone know if there's a way to watch season 4 in europe this year???? i might buy it on itunes, but if anyone knows any websites that update regularly please tell!!!


I am a huge fan of G.A. but last season was a let down. Just rented the first season of DEXTER on DVD and although much different.....the real dark and twisty type show.....the writing was so much better than G.A. I am looking forward now to the next season of DEXTER much more.


so,finally t.r.knight is geting his share of the limelight. so i think i believe isaiah washington when he said that t.r. was whining about not getting enough spotlight in GA-so, now the GA writers are baby sitting him so he won't quit the show.

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