Tom Pelphrey Coming Back to Guiding Light

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Though a Guiding Light spokesperson remains tight-lipped about the news, has learned that Emmy winner Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall) has returned to work on the show.

Tom Pelphrey Still
The first airdate is not yet known for Pelphrey's on-air return. But the actor has already taped his first scenes; they're expected scenes to air later this month. For now, Pelphrey's return is slated to be only short-term, with the actor once again exiting the show this fall.

Nevertheless, Pelphrey's return is apparently a big deal for the CBS soap. In September, Simon and Schuster will publish a book that chronicle's Jonathan's life after he staged his death. The book, "Guiding Light: Jonathan's Story" will be available from all major book retailers.

The release of a book surrounding a soap opera storyline is nothing new. As The World Turns, which, like Guiding Light, is also produced by Procter & Gamble, released a tell-all book, "Oakdale Confidential," last year.

Other soaps have also published books. All My Children's fictional Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) released a real-world autobiography, "Having It All" and One Life to Live featured a whodunnit story that was based on a book called "The Killing Club" that was penned by one of its characters.

General Hospital and Passions have also featured book tie-ins.

It's unclear at this time which came first: the idea for "Jonathan's Story" or Pelphrey's decision to return. It's also unknown right now whether or not the show would have recast Jonathan if Pelphrey had not agreed to return or if the book and storyline would have been scrapped.

Pelphrey joined the cast of Guiding Light in September 2004. He received a third consecutive Daytime Emmy nomination this year. In 2006, Pelphrey was named Outstanding Younger Actor.

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I love guiging light but I have to say since they took Tom Pelphrey off the show I find I am not as interested anymore. Bring him back and watch the raring fly. He is awesome.


I have been watching guiding light for about 20 years,and I dont like it without Jon and Tammy,When I saw them together aug 2 2007,I thought maybe Tammy was coming back from the dead,like reva has done quite a few times.I just hope it all works out with them to come back,Jan...


I can't watch without Tom Pelphrey. He is amazing and I miss him so much. Is he coming back? The show is nothing without Tom even though I've watched for 30 years.


I loved the character of jonathon. Before he was taken off I was looking so forward to see him more with his baby. I hope he cames back on a long term basis.


I have watched GL so many years can't remember when I started..but since Pelphrey has been gone am not as interested in it any more.. boring.. His temporary return is appreciated..but will make it all the worse when he leaves again..He should have been locked inot a long term contract while it was possible!


I just want to say that i'm a 25 yr. old african-american woman whose a big fan of guilding light show and that tom pelphrey is just too fine.I was so happy to see him back on the show but sad to see him leave i really hope that you bring him and tammy back soon.


I Love guidinglght ,I beenwatching the show sence i was alittle girl wth my parents oter 20 years ,My avri part is with Tammyand Jonthan ,I ope you bring themboth back to stay it was such a nice story .


Iam so excited about tom coming back , i was truly heartbroken, when he and tammy g left, I will be a die hard fan, no matter where he goes, but, when he first went off GL i couldnt watch it four about four months, i wanted nothing to do with it. If ever he should up at my door, i always say!! All My Love, Christen


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