Isaiah Washington Explains Behavior in Lengthy Interview With Larry King

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Trying to Clear His Name
Isaiah Washington blamed co-star Patrick Dempsey's repeated tardiness to the Grey's Anatomy set for the infamous blow-up which resulted in Washington using a homophobic slur.

Interviewed last night on Larry King Live, Washington said he regretted that he did not confront Dempsey the first time he was late to the set, so he challenged him when the actor was late again.

But Dempsey wanted to delay the scene more to wait for Grey's star Ellen Pompeo, who plays Dempsey's love interest, before shooting began.

"I said I don't need Ellen, I can act," Washington told Larry King. "And that was the moment that sent it into a different zone."

According to Washington, Patrick Dempsey erupted.

"He became unhinged, sprayed spittle in my face," said Washington, in his first TV interview about the controversy. "I'm asking him why is he screaming at me... He just becomes irate."

That's when Washington said "a lot of things I'm not really proud of."

"I said several bad words," he recalled, quoting himself as telling Dempsey: "There's no way you're going to treat me like the B-word, the P-word or the F-word."

He said that the "F-word" was not meant as an anti-gay slur, but implied "somebody who is being weak."

Washington also strongly denied he ever directed the word at gay costar T.R. Knight, as frequently reported and insinuated by the press.

"I am not homophobic, in no way, shape or form," said Washington.

As for T.R. Knight claiming the slur was directed at him, Isaiah Washington said that is patently false.

"That's a lie. He misrepresented himself," Washington said, suggesting that Knight did that to advance his career and get more money.

"He has been very disappointed in playing the character he has been playing. He told me that," Isaiah added.

But Washington said he felt badly about repeating the slur backstage at the Golden Globe Awards, when he attempted to explain the context in which he used it in the first place.

"I wish I could take that back," Isaiah Washington said.

He became emotional at one point in the interview.

When King asked if any cast members had written him, Washington paused and appeared close to tears when recalling that Sandra Oh had.

Washington attended counseling and finished Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy after the incident, but was released from the hit ABC series a month ago as Preston Burke was written out of the show.

Larry King said on the air that the Grey's Anatomy producers, Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight all declined to comment.

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Maybe my question was overshadowed by anger and dispute, but I am still wondering if there's a place on the internet where I can view the interview??????????


Get a grip and jh just said what's been on my mind all this time. I am afraid, however, I am still not ready to move on! I will miss Burke, in fact I already do and I just want Isaiah Washington back on the show. It is just sad that the papers and their readers (I for my part wish I had never read or heard about the entire thing! things probably/certainly would have been different if this never leaked to the press or people wouldn't have paid attention.) couldn't focus on Isaiah's and everyone else's acting skills. That's what their job is or at least should be about. This cast has done such a wonderful job in shooting this show and this is what everyone is talking about after 3 seasons. It's just incredibly sad. It shouldn't have come this far. As for Shonda, she made me fall in love with these characters, so she will have to do hell of a job to console me. I am just so sad about this. Seriously, I am so sick of the crashing and burning!!!


I think it is too bad to lose such a great character of the show. I think everything went very badly for Isaiah, and he is sorry. He is too good of a character on the show to lose him. He is by far my favorite on the show. I am not sure I will watch, once they write him off. We all lose from this.


Well of course he wants to move on, we now know the extent of his involvement. People have been saying move on since the whole thing started, but yet no one was listening then. Now that IW has been let go and he wants to finally tell what really happened, now everyone (the ones who have gotten what they want), are ready to move on. If everyone was acting like adults, then this would have been over when IW and PD made up in Oct. And ABC could put this to rest simply by commenting and saying his story isn't true. Even Larry King tried to reach several people about IW's story, and they wouldn't comment. I think Larry King believes what IW is saying.


Maybe the reason Patrick Dempsey isn't commenting is that he is concentrating on the much more important issue of taking care of his newborn sons, along with the rest of his family while making a movie at the same time. According to the TWoP forums, he did make a very dignified comment to the press and then indicated he wanted to move on. Seems that he's acting like a true adult here.


I just read a few post, and it's obvious that once again, some people are commenting that haven't even seen the interview.


How is he blaming anyone. He's tell what happened, and exactly what happened. TR told his side and he didn't have a side to tell because he wasn't even there, yet people had no problem believing him, and he only did it for personal reasons and personal gain. The only reason people are disagreeing with this is becasue PD is more involved them people want to believe or wanted to know. The bottom line is that this all started with PD, and that's what people don't want to believe. This is the reason why ABC allowed TR and KH to freely speak even though they put a gag order on IW - - to protect PD from the bad press, their leading man. All ABC has to do is say IW's story isn't true, but all they can do is stoop to name calling -- "McBlamey). How immature and stupid is that. ABC is as ruthless as they come. I can understand younger people not understanding what's going on, but older people know his story makes more sense than anything we've heard since this happened. People kept saying they wanted to know what happend, now we know they really didn''t mean it.


I just read my friend's comment on here and I didn't think she was going to be that rude. So to Calliope, first off I am not rude. And to mcdreamylove1, why would I say something that stupid?!?(So much crap is flying around about who said what and what happened that I've chosen to stop commenting on this story because I don't know what to believe anymore). So for the recorder I had my friends over at the time of the interview and when I clicked on her to read what others thought my friend wanted to make a comment because she was pissed so I told her that she could use my email address and my user name because it automically pops up on my computer and she wouldn't have to sign up just to make one comment.
I have actually said in the past on other message boards really nice things about Patrick and T.R so why would I all of a sudden decided to say something as dumb as that? I personally am sick and tried of hearing about this and to be this is an unfortunate thing. Almost everyone's name was dragged through the mudd.


at first i was one of the people who were outraged by the firing of Isaiah, i was so angry that i blamed i even blamed our beloved creator of Grey's. but now he is becoming the equivalent of paris hilton for me. she is talked about WAAYY too much, and although isaiah is actually an excellent actor and such and such i'm just getting bored with all of this talk. i now realize we can't turn back the firing of isaiah so why can't we just GET OVER THIS. booooring. NEXT. seriously.


He should really stop trying to convince the world that he's the good guy and start focusing on getting a new job. What is he trying to achieve by blaming everyone else? No one wants to comment because that will just give Isaiah more attention; which he apparently craves. Instead of digging a deeper hole, I hope Isaiah will just pull out and move on.


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