Grey's Anatomy Season Four Spoilers

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For those of you tired of all the off-season drama (we think that's just about everyone) and are looking forward to the upcoming Season 4 premiere, "A Change Is Gonna Come," here's a brief summation of the spoilers we've come across.

We can't vouch for their authenticity, except for part of the June 18 report which has since been proven true, but here are some of Grey's Anatomy spoilers we've read and where we've read them.

July 11: Two new interns will be introduced in the season premiere (three if you include Lexie Grey). And they'll have their hands full when a three-car accident sends multiple casualties pouring into Seattle Grace.
Source: TV Guide

July 6: Expect changes to occur in the season premiere as the title is "A Change Is Gonna Come." The premiere will see new interns enter the medical world. One, who is supposed to be named Thomson, helps deliver a baby on the interns' first day on the job. Grey's Anatomy episodes would not be the same without a wacky case, in this case, a young boy bringing his bleeding female raccoon pet to the hospital in the hope a doctor will save her.
Source: TV Squad

July 2: Clara, with her two young children, discuss the status of her husband Henry with one of the doctors. Henry has suffered extremely traumatic injuries during a car accident. The doctor says that the only thing holding Henry's head to his body is skin and muscle and that he will surely died very soon, even with surgery. Some of the doctors try to deal with new, stressed out interns. One of the interns will help deliver a baby.

July 1: George and Callie's relationship is proving to be quite a difficult puzzle for Shonda Rhimes, who is fully aware of the fan backlash over last season's George and Izzie hookup and has been doing quite a few rewrites.
Source: E!Online

June 18: Executives tied to the show say the Season Four plan is to add several cast members, including a fresh-faced, new intern in Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh). They are also seeking a new recurring male character to compete with Patrick Dempsey's Dr. McDreamy.
Source: AOL

Grey's Anatomy Season Four Spoilers
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Merder all the way!!! I f they break up I will stop watching!!!!


hey guys, thanks god the day is almost here. September is here n the 27 is around the corner. The day of premiere im going to skip school that's how badly i've being waiting for season 4 to begin. omg I can't waaaiiiittttt ahhhhh...mer and derek better stay together n I feel so bad that burke won't be in the show anymore. wonder what's gonna be lexies role in this season. but all I kno is that she stays away from mer n derek ...


when does grey's start in australia? i am desperate to no...??????HELP


I think Shonda's surprise is going to be that Mer/Der got drunk the night of the Cristina's non wedding, stumbled to city hall and got hitched.


comoooon its g0nna be silly without him. burk and christina is the bEST in the shoowww no burk no greys anatomy


if shonda does the derek/lexie thing, i will stop watching greys...
meredith and derek are meant to be...
there was a time when shonda said that she created a show that she loves, and she can't seriously love derek and lexie, can she?!


der and lexie are so not going to happen.
i hate lexie!!!
meredith and derek are perfect and shonda better not change that.never.
she will be distroying a good thing. no a amazing thing!


i hope mer amd der didn't break up
i hope derek is smiling at meredith
mer and der belong together.


there will be anyone who could match Isaiah's charm..i loveburke! i wish i could be his xtina! i dont like lexie... where is Mc Vet?


Burkeis so sexy and I hope to see him again! its not fair to boot him out... who will play sexy doctor again? what will happen to xtina?

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