Grey's Anatomy Gossip: O'Mizzie Over?

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When it comes to summer Grey's Anatomy news, Michael Ausiello of TV Guide is all over it. Here's what he has to say about the Izzie-George pairing (which, apparently, is as unpopular with focus groups as our many reader comments would suggest) as well as a hint as to what's to come first for the new interns... one of whom we already know.

Question: I am in desperate need of some Grey's Anatomy scoop: What will happen to George and Callie? Please tell us Gizzie is officially dead.

Ausiello: Well, they're not officially dead, but it's certainly not looking good for the embattled lovebirds after they got eviscerated in a recent focus group. A source close to ABC tells says that George and Izzie polled 95 percent negative, leading one of the 200 participants to conclude that O'Mizzie will be dropped. I hereby take back all the bad stuff I've ever said about focus groups. I love focus groups. Focus groups are awesome.

Question: Got any scoop on Grey's Anatomy?

Ausiello: Two new interns will be introduced in the season premiere (three if you include Lexie Grey). And they'll have their hands full when a three-car accident sends multiple casualties pouring into Seattle Grace.

Grey's Anatomy Gossip: O'Mizzie Over?
Izzie, George

So what do you think about George and Izzie? Or Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) being a full-time fixture? Anything else you want to get off your chest? Speak your mind in our

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how can they let a focus group of 200 decided what happens to izzie and George? i hardly think they could be representative of the hundreds of thousands of fans this show must have! why would anyone want callie and George to stay together when izzie and george are obviously in love and have a great chemistry and it dosent even look like George is happy with callie. Theres nothing endearing about callie, shes so meh. george and izzie would be so cute together!


guys what do you think? Izzie is pregnant for the next seasson and Callie can not, we need more time to enjoy this story Shonda, make it happen


well George & Izzie is a hit, all that noise and conflict in every forum says that everybody is waiting & hoping to see whats gonna happen, we are talking about feelings here, not the hot blonde and little guy, lets believe its gonna happen, i think that this story needs for a good script, need more time


Those two are amazing. They have the most natural, most real and powerful chemistry on TV and it is all thanks to the wonderful TR and Katherine.


IZZIE & GEORGE: Best friend falling in love is amazing. Every person's dream come true to have the one you love be your best friend they have a chemistry. They complete each other. I vote for George and Izzie. There love is something real don't take that away.


Do not scrap the George-Izzie plotline thing for next season because of "negative focus groups."


Izzy and George makes my flesh crawl, Seriously! Don't care for the actors either.


More of George and Izzie. They're damm great....
C'mon jaz drop george-callie pairing....let's face it their pairing is not a go go as with george and izzie. The story of george and izzie is the only reason why i am so hook up with season 3's finale. More of Izzie and George......


Well i also sign in the petition. George and Izzie is a go pairing. They will be a cute couple. Who cares about the focus group. I don't like Callie for George and it will be nice if their relationship will be over in the forthcoming season. I hope there will be more about George and Izzie and Hope that Shonda will listen to this petition. Pleaaaaaassssse dont tear George-Izzie pairing apart.........


In spanish.... adoro a Izzie y George ellos deben estar juntos,ya es demasiado frustracion saber que Derek y Meredith se separan,aunque meredith tiene que abrir los ojos ya que o si no esa tal lexie se lo me agrada eso.
Callie que se quede con mark

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