Get to Know a Soap Opera Star: Brandon Buddy

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Brandon Buddy Image
Brandon Buddy has played has played the role of Cole Thornhart on One Life to Live since October 10, 2006. But that's pretty much common knowledge.

But here are a few fun facts that only the most die-hard of Buddy fans would have known before:

  • He appeared in a music video for New York dance band Dangerous Muse for the song "The Rejection." Brandon was initially picked for the part of a boy who rejects a girl because he's interested in boys, but at the last minute, the director brought in a friend to do the scene. You can still catch a glimpse of a shirtless Buddy changing in a locker room scene, though.
  • Because of his stepfather's job, most of Buddy's childhood was spent relocating from city to city, including a move to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, the hometown of co-star Forbes March (Nash Brennan).
  • Enjoys playing football and baseball, and hanging out with co-stars in his spare time.

Here are a few memorable quotes from the actor:

"I sang in my shower before, but I've never done anything recorded like that." — On being asked to sing in Prom Night: The Musical on the show, Soap Opera Digest, 7/3/2007

"She's a looker. I was gonna go knock on her door and have a little chat, but I saw her security guard and I was [thinking], ‘That's not a good idea. He would, like, kill me with one punch.' " — On nearly meeting pop star Nelly Furtado when she appeared on OLTL, Soap Opera Digest 1/23/2007

"I played until everyone got bigger than me [laughs]." — On playing football before playing jock Cole, Soap Opera Weekly, 12/12/2006

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