Ellen Pompeo Steps Out For Premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum

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Just a few pictures of Ellen Pompeo showing her support for actor pal Matt Damon at the Los Angeles premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum held at the ArcLight Hollywood Wednesday night in Hollywood.

The Grey's Anatomy star seems to love to wear long, black dresses. No complaints, though, as it certainly works for her!

Ellen Pompeo: Bourne Beauty
Ellen Pompeo at Bourne Ultimatum Premiere
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I love her hair!


she really cute with that dress,,
wish there is patrick dempsey too,,
what will be happen in season 4?


She looks so health and glowing! I am glad to see she put on a little weight.


in regard to mrkato's comment What exactly is wrong with being ugly? the woman has eye, yet she still choose to be with Chris, doenst that tell you something? "LOVE DOESNT ASK WHY". It shows she truely does love this man. Seriously you guys should live this woman alone, havent you ever heard of Seal the musician and his model wife? Chris for the record is one million times better looking than Seal.


Absolutlely gorgeous, but doesn't she realize she could have any man in the world. She could marry a prince. Is there such a thing as affirmative action dating? I mean giving a guy a pass just because he's black, when if he was not black you'd kick him to the curb in a heartbeat?


Hi Lemily, i am not sure too, someone posted it on the other site 'gray matter' but yeah it sounds interesting.


She looks amazing!


On the remark by Hafsa:
This description of the episode sounds interesting. Although, Cristina doesn't really seem like the traveling type. What do you guys think?


she is soo beautiful and she died her hair darker


Love those pictures. Ellen looks soo beautiful.
I love the shorter hair, very Meredith season 1 look with darker hair, I love it!
And she looks really happy, which is great.

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