McPhans McPissed Over McPhee Snubs; Ask You to Send KitKats

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Don't worry, Katharine McPhee, fans have your back.

Many supporters of this season five finalist believe she got snubbed during this year's American Idol season finale. How come? Because past contestants such as Taylor Hicks and Carrie Underwood performed... but Katharine was nowhere to be seen, despite voicing her hope for a role on the show weeks before it aired.

Now, her "McPhans" have undertaken Project KitKat in order to express their anger in a healthy, fattening way. American Idol and FOX network execs who dissed Katharine will be sent KitKat bars, along with a strongly-worded note expressing the fans' disappointment with the show, in the near future.

There's even a promotional video for the cause. And all we can say is this: it's a good thing McPhee's first name sounds like a candy bar. Only her and fans of Reese Witherspoon can really protest in such an effective manner as a result of this fortune.


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