Katherine Heigl Endorses New Scrubs Line

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Celebrities have been known to pitch everything from makeup to clothing to beverages. But Katherine Heigl is trying her hand at something unheard of - yet makes perfect sense.

She's endorsing a line of scrubs!

The Grey's Anatomy star, who we've come to love as Dr. Isobel Stevens, recently signed a deal with Peaches Uniforms for the new Katherine Heigl Collection of medical uniforms, including four looks meant to reflect the personality of Heigl's on-screen alter ego.

The Katherine Heigl Scrubs Collection

Kudos to Katherine on her deal. While we don't expect all surgical interns to look like Izzie Stevens does in scrubs, at least they can model the style!

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Ok a couple comments. First of all she didn't just "put pretty little things on them". She actually did make suggestions as to better shapes for scrub tops that would be more flattering for a womans figure. So she did play a big role in creating her own line of scrubs and lab coats. Also, there is nothing wrong with her endorsing a line of medical clothing. She's not trying to overexpose herself. She, along with the other Grey's stars, has spent countless hours in scrubs on set. I can imagine she, as well as any healthcare professional, could probably come up with some ways to make them better after spending so much time in them. You guys are obnoxious and are just looking for a reason to pick on another celebrity who hasn't done anything wrong. Drop it.


you guys are rude! i'm a nursing student and a huge fan of grey's anatomy therefore the idea of wearing their line of clothing is extremely appealing. celebrities have underwear, perfume, clothing, and other lines. this is an appropriate line considering the show she is in involves the hospital.


i think katherinne is an amazing person!!
instead of following all the other celebs with making thier own perfumes and stuff... she is doing her own thing!!
and me wanting to fulfill the dream of being in the medical...i think its amazing that she will make awesome designs for all the nurses and doctors to wear!!!
i love you katherine!!


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As a nurse....I get excited about anyone that takes interest in making us look more stylish. Baby Phat also came out with a line and the girls are going nuts over it....I think it's a smart investment for her...and the built in long undershirt, very neat....mine never stay in place under my scrubs.


yeah... i don't like her. she's so selfish.


There is this thing called freedom of speech where you get to say what you want. There is this other great thing if you don't like what people have to say you don't have to listen or read it. With recent event's her popularity is slipping and I think people are far from being jealous of her. They bash Isaiah Washington for what he said and people like Katherineheiglfan does the same thing. Freedom of speech, voice of opinion, and being prejudice where do you draw the line? When you call someone a name who decides if it's bad or if it's ok to say?


wow. you people are @ss holes
get a life=/
im sick of listening to you all complain!
shes popular right now so DONT be jealous...LMFAO


I think its a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see all her designs! :) :)


How can you design scrubs you cant change there shape!! All you can do is put pretty little things on them...thats not really designing them!


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