Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LVIII

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The Insider's Caption Contest, running in its 58th consecutive week, produced its usual spate of great replies. But who emerged victorious?

We loved all the caption submissions we received, particularly those by Kenyatta W., McShorty and Anita. But ultimately, we decided that Morgan Wilbanks is the winner. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears beneath the picture below. Scroll down the page for the complete list of responses we received. Thanks to all, as always, for playing and for making this the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web. Good luck again this week!

This week's Caption Contest image:

The Fab Four

"You know we're fired the second Burke finds that 'KICK ME' sign, right?"

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ok everyone who passed their exams, sit on the right side.
anyone who failed,(cough george) sit on the other.


Alex: "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout...down came the......." Cristina: "...anvil on the idiot's head behind me."


Alex: "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout..."


Who's next in line for the bathroom? George, Izzy, you two want to go together?


They were wondering how long they'd have to keep up the supportive mates act before they could take off to Joe's...


Cristina: "Crap, the wedding's TOMORROW and I never got around to telling Burke I had my fingers crossed when I accepted his proprosal! Guess I gotta go through with it!"
Izzy: "I cannot BELEIVE Cristina's making me wear that hideous hot pink bridesmaid's dress!"
George: "I cannot BELIEVE Cristina's making me wear that hideous hot pink bridesmaid's dress!"
Alex: "Ok, the total from the staff is- $200 says they do get married, $300 says they don't. And as the bookie I get to keep a percentage!"


thinking George: If they had waited on more second to take this picture, they wouldn't have caught me looking at Sloan and Callie making out.......SLOAN AND CALLIE making out?


George: I wonder what Meredith is saying to Bailey--
Cristina: Probably asking why we all get to sit, while she has run labs...
Izzie: Well, someone HAD to go and fight Sloan for offering his pickle... Jeez, Alex, all 3 of us couldn't pull you off of him.
Cristina: Yeah, and now we're pulled off surgeries! Thanks a lot.


George (thinking): Oh darn it, Izzie is so hot! ... Seriously: Callie is a pig.


Christina: "Hmmm.. if the chief had a prom here.. he could let me have the wedding here..I'd look gorgeous walking in the OR in my white scrubs and Preston with is lucky head thingy.. Ohh that would me suuper" Alex, George, And Izzie.. " Seriously? "

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