Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LVIII

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The Insider's Caption Contest, running in its 58th consecutive week, produced its usual spate of great replies. But who emerged victorious?

We loved all the caption submissions we received, particularly those by Kenyatta W., McShorty and Anita. But ultimately, we decided that Morgan Wilbanks is the winner. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears beneath the picture below. Scroll down the page for the complete list of responses we received. Thanks to all, as always, for playing and for making this the top Grey's Anatomy site on the web. Good luck again this week!

This week's Caption Contest image:

The Fab Four

"You know we're fired the second Burke finds that 'KICK ME' sign, right?"

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Izzie: I'm so hungry that if Sloan offered me his pickle right now, I would take it.
Cristina: Wow, you ARE hungry! Why don't you just get up and get something to eat then?
Izzie: ‘Cause I'm not hungry.. the beast is.
Cristina: Oohkay, then.


Izzie: I'm upset...I slept with George
george: I slept with Izzie
Christina: Burke left me
Alex: I have the worst problem...
George: What
Alex: I broke a nail!!!


alex (thinking): im so board i could chew off my cuticules
cristina (thinking): do u think the job for wonder woman is taken yet?
izzie (out loud): somthing smells!
george (out loud): my bad
all (out): ugghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


george: they're gonna kill me when the find out i slept with izzie hmm........... i wonder what callie will do


(As the Mean Girls)
Izzie: At least you guys can wear halters, i have man shoulders!
Cristina: My hairline is sooo wierd!
Alex: My nailbeds suck!
George: Um.... i have really bad breath in the morning...


"I guess this means we won't be scrubbing in on any of Burke's surguries anytime soon, then."


George: You're not my girlfriend. I mean, no offense, that night was awesome. But I'm married. So you can't be my girlfriend.
Izzie: Whatever. (kisses George)
George: Alex!!!!!! You said this would work.
Alex: Dude, it didn't work cause you messed up the words.
Cristina: You guys need to get a room.


haha that's funny (amy's comment) clever


cristina (to george)- god bambi, thanks for being such a baby and getting my boyfriend fired


Izzie: "I'm hungry." Cristina: "I'm thirsty." George: "I could hump a tree." Alex: to himself "This little piggy went on to plastics, this little piggy made career in Mom Squad, this little piggy went to do a bypass, this little piggy ran off with Ava...*sigh*, no more little piggies. Oooohh...peanut!."

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